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1. Caleb’s birthday was on Saturday and he had three birthday wishes. He wanted to have party hats, to go bowling, and a Power Ranger. We had a blast bowling and he did incredibly well. The bowling alley we went to had automatic bumpers and they would go up for him and down for us. Caleb flat out beat me. I need to brush up on my bowling skills.


2. For Caleb’s birthday, we also got Branbury Cross donuts, the BEST donuts. Caleb shares my love of donuts, but the kid doesn’t know how to eat them. He just licks the frosting and sprinkles off. He is missing out on the best part! Ha! Sometimes he will eat the donut part, but usually not if sprinkles are involved.


3. We saw a double rainbow on our drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

4. Snow has been hitting the peaks of our lovely mountains. Yay, for ski season approaching!

5. Is anyone interested in 3D printing? I am! Check this out!



1. Happy October! Fall in Utah is my favorite!

2. I need a dozen of these to roll into my mouth!


3. We had a great time celebrating Caleb’s birthday! He was spoiled with donuts, bowling, pizza, cake, and lots of superhero gifts! Our good friend, Janette, made him a cake with berries that looked like Captain America’s shield. He loved it! He also got a pumpkin cake from his mama! Yay for birthdays!

4. Love this look for fall! Nice and cozy!


5. I got new running shoes! I stuck with Brooks Ghosts because they haven’t let me down in the past. I am loving them…even though they look like Smurf shoes:)

6. Fun milkshake for Halloween!


7. Love lounging around with this little guy!

8. Television talk-let’s start with Nashville! SO much drama! I am not crazy about this season so far. I am on team Deacon!:) Parenthood on the other hand, loved the first episode! Can’t wait for more tonight! Grey’s is just blah to me. And I am still addicted to Fixer Upper. If it’s on HGTV, I tune in, even if I’ve seen the episode. Did you know Joanna has a blog? I am totally stalking her now:)


9. Avocado and toast-always a good idea!

10. I am loving all things fall! Make sure you check out my Fall Favorites Pinterest board!


11. Who wants a baby burrito for lunch? ๐Ÿ™‚ We love aden + anais swaddle blankets. Well, did you know they make easy swaddle blankets? We recently got one for Maxwell and I am telling you, it is the BEST blanket. I am not the best swaddler because Maxwell is a little Houdini. He always escapes my swaddles! Well, the easy swaddle blankets are magic. I don’t have to struggle to get Maxwell swaddled and he loves it! We highly recommend the easy swaddle blankets. Best baby blanket ever…for mom/dad and baby:)

12. I need a giant stack of these! Maybe this weekend?

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  1. After literally running in Nikes for 20+ years and NEVER cheating on them, ever, about 6-9 months ago I cheated on them. With Brooks Ghosts, and I will never go back. I love my Ghosts and have 2-3 pairs always waiting for me! I replace my shoes every 300-400 miles, which is usually every 3-4 weeks for me. Seriously love love love running in those things! I love your blue ones!

  2. 1. I had to go to the Banbury Cross site, look at photos, read the reviews, and drum up a big desire for those doughnuts. Problem is I live waaaaay over here in North Carolina ๐Ÿ™

    2. The TED talk was super interesting.

    3. Love the selfie of you and the baby.

    4. Speaking of the baby, he sure has developed a great big smile in a hurry!

    Good stuff all around.

  3. I love avocado toast. So simple and so delicious!! That smile is super cute. What a happy baby.

  4. such a sweet post!! LOL I can’t help but love how Caleb eats doughnuts — seems like you guys had a wonderful week!!

  5. I’ve been toying with switching to the Ghosts I’m alternate between the Transcend and Nike LunarGlide I don’t love my Brooks. Also that’s too funny how Caleb eats his donuts! My little sister used to do the same thing. My mom finally tricked her by making a donut sandwich, she would slice the cake in half and sandwich the frosting with the bottom half!

  6. LOVE Fixer Upper. It’s my favorite show on HGTV right now and I totally watch all the reruns too just because I love the show so much. Glad you posted Joanna’s blog. I can’t wait to read it!

  7. Ahhh, cute Caleb! Happy bday to the boy. And…I can’t get over how cute Maxwell is getting, I mean, it’s like he’s already a little man! These days are the best, enjoy them mama!

  8. Love all the pictures and especially Maxwell’s smile. He has a big one! I want to try the avocado on toast as they are my favorite.