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1. Luke…errr…Caleb, I am your father.

2. Some great tips and refreshers for married couples out there.

3. Here is another tip, have a wife who will let you go to the World Series when your favorite team is playing. Go Giants! I am going to game four of the World Series.  YEEESSSSSS!

4. I wish this would happen to me when I am at an outdoor store. I would to be able to earn some gear.

unnamed (1)

5. Views like this make the run up the mountain worth it! This is at Deer Valley, Utah.

unnamed (2)

6. My little buddy looking good in my snowbird hat.



IMG_3015 (1)

1. Why oh why did I try Justin’s White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups? They are big time trouble…in the best kind of way!

2. Caleb is beyond excited for Halloween. He asks to wear his costume every day. I never dress up, but this year Caleb begged me for weeks to get a costume. I finally gave in and let him pick out my costume. What was I thinking? Caleb picked out a real doozy! You will have to wait to see what it is. The things we do for our kids:) Are any of you dressing up? Please say yes! I don’t want to be the only one:)

3. I think a pan of these brownies need to happen on Halloween. Maybe if I eat enough it will make me feel better about my costume:)

4. I am usually a white kitchen kind of gal, but this grey kitchen caught my eye. Love it!


5. I love lazy days with my boys!

6. I get the best wife award this week because Josh is going to the World Series game in San Francisco without me. I am taking one for the team and staying home with the boys. Josh stays home a lot so I can go on trips, so it is his turn to have some fun. He deserves it! I am a little jealous though because San Francisco is my favorite city! He better not text me a picture of him eating at Tartine:)

7. Great produce tips!

8. I am excited for Parenthood tonight. This season is so good! I have this eery feeling that they are going to have someone die. I hope I am wrong because I want a happy ending! I am sad it is the final season!


9. Maxwell is 11 weeks old and growing by the second. He had his routine check-up and was in the 70th percentile for height and weight. Caleb has always been super small, barely making the chart, so we are surprised that we have a chunky baby! He likes mama’s milk:)

10. Cookie perfection!

11. I am a FitBit dropout. I tried it for a week and gave up! It is just not for me. I do a lot of core and strength training and the FitBit doesn’t track it. I learned that you can log it via the website, but that is just one more thing to do! The FitBit didn’t motivate me to move more or eat less. I already exercise on a regular basis and I am sure my diet could use some work, but a gadget isn’t going to stop me from eating cookies:) I hated logging everything I put in my mouth…healthy or unhealthy! And I don’t need a gadget to tell me if I am lazy or not. I know my bad days! So I am FitBit free and happy about it! I will just keep exercising and doing my best to eat healthy on my own!

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  1. I can’t wait to see what Caleb picked out for you to wear!! haha We are going to a party so I’ll be dressing up, too. My kiddos didn’t pick it out though–I’m pretty sure they have no clue who “Ali from the Karate Kid” is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. hahahahha omgosh…I can’t wait to see your costume! We usually try to do a family theme. We did Mickey/Minnie the first year, the Eagles (we were football players, Kay was a cheerleader) the second, bugs last year and this year…Pirates! I hope to keep this up for as long as she will let us. Going to check out the link Josh posted!

  3. Very excited that you get to go to the World Series…however, I live in KC so GO ROYALS ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope it is a great game! Good luck to both teams! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Your boys are adorable! GO GIANTS!! We live in the Bay and saw Giants clinch the series at AT&T PAark. It was insane! The fans went crazy. Best part was right after when the wives and kids rushed on the field. Little girls and boys running the bases, players and wives hugging, pictures with their moms and dads, so sweet. Parenthood is my favorite TV show, such honest and realistic dialog. I have that feeling too. I’ve had a crush on Craig T Nelson since he starred in Coach. Sweet family, Maria ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. such a fun post!! first, that peanut butter cup — Ohhh my word!! And Maria, you def. win the wife award – I’m sure you’ll have a great weekend with the boys and Josh will love SanFan <3

  6. I’m so sad this is the last season of Parenthood. Such a good show! I totally thought they were going to kill off Crosby last week with his little motorcycle crash. I’m on pins and needles every week to see what will happen next.

  7. I love this blog, especially the Thursday “This and That” posts …
    Regarding the costumes, have you seen the post about costumes for Moms on ToulouseandTonic from 13 October? It’s hilarious, and gently mocks the Costume Industry in its ridiculous need to add the word “Sexy” to all adult female costumes (“Sexy Olaf” … REALLY???). She and a few of her blogger friends came up with their own version of “Sexy Mom” costumes, and they are a riot! It will definitely make you laugh, so you may want to avoid drinking/eating anything while reading the post.

  8. Ahhhhh that is so excited about Josh & the WS! We are going to Game 5 the next day! I am sad to hear you won’t be here this trip – I would definitely accompany you to Tartine ๐Ÿ˜€ Wife of the year, for sure!!!

  9. I have to admit I can’t wait to see what costume Caleb picked out for you ….lol

    The boys look so, so cute together – and on their own. You do get the good wife award this week for letting Josh go to the World Series without you…lol….I hope he has a great time and if he does sneak in a trip to your favorite restaurant that he doesn’t take any pictures to gloat…

    I think you are just fine with what you are doing with your exercise and working out routine – I don’t think a mini machine/computer would help me either but can’t say since I haven’t tried it yet….lol

  10. I feel the same way about the fitbit! and I hate the wrist one that I got. But I feel guilty spending the money on it and not using it. hmm wonder if I can sell it??

  11. Josh have a great time at Game 4 of the series. I am still on the fence of who I am rooting for as your Giants crushed my Pirates in the Wild Card game that ironically I watched in a bar in San Fran even though I live in Pittsburgh. The crowd was wild that night so I can only imagine the energy at AT&T Park for the series.

    I seriously don’t get the whole Fitbit love and am with you on that Maria.

  12. I will be dressing up too but I’m not brave enough to let my 3 year old choose my costume. My mom passed away 11 years ago, Halloween was one of her favorite holidays and it brings back some of my favorite memories of my mom. Growing up she always dressed up and until I was old enough to really protest we often wore matching costumes. My favorite was in 2nd grade, she was Peter Pan and I was Tinkerbell. I remember the class party and costumes in detail. Such good memories! So good on you for dressing up! Have fun!

  13. I am going to a Mad Hatter Tea Party and wearing the Cat in the Hat hat my daughter made last year. It will make me about 6 feet, 3 inches tall and I think I will probably die of embarrassment, but it is for a good friend. My guess is that Caleb picked out a superhero thing for you? Can’t wait to see. I nearly died laughing at Josh’s first picture and comment, “Luke, er Caleb, I am your father!” Thanks for the fun.

  14. I am also upset that this is the last season of Parenthood. I love the show and it’s one of the few my 17 year old and I can watch together. I want a happy ending too!