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1. Beautiful day at Snowbird!

2. Where do you think these waves are coming from?

3. This is one of the main lessons I want my boys not only to know, but to live.

4. I don’t dislike country music, but I only like “old” country music. Here is an interesting mash up on current country music.




1. These two. I am so blessed to be their mama! They bring us so much joy and I love seeing them interact with one another. Brothers are the best!

2. Don’t look at these brownies. You will be craving chocolate like crazy!

IMG_5526 (1)

3. On Sunday, I made a big pot of our Tortellini Vegetable Soup. It’s an oldie on the blog, but a goodie!

4. Did you see our new Weekly Meal Plan series? Tune in every Saturday for new meal plans!

5. I can totally relate to this list. I even did #14!


6. Maxwell likes a good relaxing bath. He would stay in his tub all day if we let him. Maybe I will light some candles and turn on some soothing music next time!

7. Cookie lover’s dream cookie!


8. We normally buy twisty pretzels, but Caleb asked for pretzel sticks at the store. I think I might be a stick fan now. They are perfect for dipping into a jar of peanut butter!

9. My hair looks like I constantly have my hand on one of those static balls. Any products you love for staticky hair?

10. Let’s talk football! I am SO SO SO happy Seattle beat Green Bay. It was an awesome game! Now, onto the Super Bowl! Josh really wants me to cheer for “Uncle Tom” and the Patriots, but I am going to stick with Seattle! A little friendly competition is good for a marriage, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

11. I want this bed!

12. I am going to Alt Summit today! If you are going, make sure you say hello!

Maria Lichty

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  1. I oddly feel like our children are the same person ๐Ÿ™‚ – Kaylin picked out pretzel sticks vs. our traditional buy last week too…and then I proceeded to dip them into both peanut and honey mustard (not at the same time obviously haha). GO PATS! Sorry Maria ;).

  2. We haven’t been up to snowbird yet. But we love it up there too. I wish we could get more snow done here in the valley. Loved the photos, especially of your sweet boys. I invite you to share at my blog hop today xo

  3. Sorry, Josh…I’m with Maria. Go Hawks!!! I was at church and getting texts with score updates during the last 3 minutes and the OT…it was all I could do to 1. not yell and 2. not cry from happiness and disbelief. So amazing! The Seahawks are a special team and they also play with legally inflated balls!! How could you not want to root for them??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Maxwell is the cutest baby EVER!!!! Those eyes with the beautiful lashes looking right into the camera, and that winning smile on a face all lit up. Hits my heart every time and makes me smile

  5. Love the meal plans! Makes weekly shopping much easier! The boys are adorable! Have fun at the Summit! I wish I could have gone but I chose to go to Maui instead!

  6. For the hair static, On Dr Oz this week they had a quick hack for this, a dryer sheet. Take sections of hair and place between a folded sheet, and gently pull sheet to ends, the static went away.

    I have vey thick coarse curly hair and usually don’t get this, but by teen daughter can look like she has more hair up than down so I will try this on her.

  7. I second Karen’s comment! I have thin, fine hair, and I felt like as long as I used a gentle pass of the dryer sheet on my hair, it calmed down … and smelled nice ๐Ÿ™‚ Only mentioning my hair type because I don’t know what yours is.

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