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1. Anyone excited for this?

2. Utes had a disappointing loss on Saturday, but I am ready for them to start new in the PAC 12 tournament. Go Utes.

3. I am always telling Maria how important Math is, it’s not her favorite subject, here is another reason why.

4. Caleb loves Toy Story so I thought this was funny.

5. It feels like spring this week. We’ve spent a lot of time outside watching Caleb ride his bike. Maxwell loves watching him race by. I can’t wait until they can ride together.



1. I had leftover frosting from my lemon cupcakes so I taught Caleb a little life lesson. Graham cracker frosting sandwiches are a MUST with leftover frosting. He approved!

2. Loving this sweet book!


3. I am so excited for strawberry season! Are there any strawberry recipes you want to see on the blog? I know this cake will be happening soon!

4. So making these!

5. Blue or pink? Which one should I get? Maybe both? Every purchase goes towards a good cause so why not?

6. Yes to all of these spices!

7. I need to buy some Girl Scout cookies so I can make these cute little treats!

8. Daylight savings week….UGGH! The boys are staying up later and waking up earlier? WHY? Our sleep schedules are all messed up.

9. TV Talk-loving Nashville, but it is on another break! I don’t want to wait a few more weeks to get my Deacon fix! And we need more Juliette! We are slowly watching House of Cards. I think we’ve attempted to watch Episode 5 five times! We keep falling asleep and have to start it over. I am blaming daylight savings:)

10. I am loving these shoes. I wouldn’t be able to walk in them and I would never pay that much for shoes, but they are pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚


11. Your weekly Maxwell fix. He says hi!

12. I got a haircut this week! It was such a treat. My last haircut was in October. Oops! Nothing too drastic, just took about 2 ½ inches off. I need it long enough to pull back so Maxwell can’t yank on it all day long…and so I don’t have to do it every day:)

13. This is going to be lunch!

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  1. i would like to see a recipe for strawberry pie. I have heard it is delicious and have gone on Pinterest to search, but so many to choose from. I didn’t want any that used Jello as part of the ingredients. Also a crust that will go well with this. I’m having problems with soggy bottom crusts!

  2. Maxwell is precious. I say PINK! I’ve been resisting the Girls Scout Cookies in my pantry for a week now. Don’t know how much longer I can hold out…..What a beautiful strawberry cake. We’re still knee deep in snow around here, but the sight of your luscious berries will help get me through…

  3. I like the pink bag! Perfect for spring! My Josh is more excited about the next toy story than Kaylin is ๐Ÿ™‚ Yayy for frosting and graham crackers and double yayy for strawberry season!!

  4. I love these posts of yours so much!
    I saw go with the pink clutch/zipper bag. It will add a pop of color and interest to any outfit (especially if you buy those shoes!). And I need to make those lemon curd cupcakes…now just to find the perfect occasion and lemon lover!

  5. Oh my goodness- Maxwell!! He’s so freaking adorable in that picture!! And I’d go with the blue bag, because I’m so into jeans and it looks like the perfect bag for denim- even if I’m bucking the trend in the comment section! Okay, and lastly, hilarious cartoon of Woody and Buzz- wicked sense of humor there, Josh!!

  6. Does Maxwell ever not smile?! He is just so adorable. So is Caleb, but that just goes without saying.

    Thanks for a great blog. Love that you are doing desserts/sweets other than chocolate. Lemon and strawberries – my favorite flavors!

  7. I’m not sure how I feel about the Apple Watch – right now it’s not in the budget and I
    don’t really feel the need to make it fit into the budget….lol….I agree Maria – those sticky lemon rolls look amazing! I too love the Manolo “BB” shoes but I can’t wear heels that high and also would not pay that much for a pair of shoes. Maxwell looks so happy!

  8. That smile on Maxwell is unbelievably cute!!! And I NEED a frosting sandwich now, too. ๐Ÿ™‚