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1. Caleb took his first ski lesson at Deer Valley this week. He did great. I was most proud of him for not not quitting. He got up every time and kept going. Caleb’s instructor Kristen was awesome. She was patient and made skiing fun for Caleb. Look at that face! He had so much fun! He is already asking to go skiing again.

2. Goats on sheet metal.

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3. We love Cheetos! Our favorite chant! Maria doesn’t approve, but boys will be boys!

4. Himalayas.

5. I bet this boy got in trouble.

6. The Utes are playing Duke in the Sweet Sixteen tomorrow! Go UTES!

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1. Spring has sprung and I can’t get enough!

2. PB&J just got better!

3. Can someone please explain Snapchat to me? I just don’t get it. Josh and I spent an hour trying to figure it out the other night and we both were like, HUH? Yes, it was late and we were both tired, but still! It shouldn’t be that hard. Are you on Snapchat? Do you get it? If you do, please fill me in! I did join, you can follow me at twopeasandpod! I posted one video, but I am pretty clueless to how this whole thing works.

4. NEED these cookies!

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5. And while we are talking about cookies, I have to say that they do make everything better. I was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day and decided to stop and bake cookies. Best decision ever. After one (maybe two) cookies, I felt SO much better. So if you are having a bad day, just say YES to cookies!

6. My favorite movie is 25 years old!

7. Classic Easter basket ideas. I know Caleb will love these!

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8. Maxwell got his first tooth! He is still smiling! Caleb thinks he is ready to eat pizza now:)

9. Fun ice cream flavor!

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10. Warm banana bread with butter…it doesn’t get any better than that!

11. March Madness has been pretty mad! Have you been watching? We will be cheering on the Utes tomorrow night. Caleb has a Utes hat and said he wants to wear it for the game, but if they lose he is taking it off! Ha!

12. These will be breakfast on Saturday!

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  1. I just made those muffins! They were good but next time I’m going to use whole wheat white flour for the entire 1 1/2 cups instead of mixing whole wheat and white. I think it will give them a better texture. Enjoy!

  2. Love that beautiful smile. (But I can’t see the tooth!) Warm banana bread, calling my name. Love the skiing, congrats Caleb! We do a lot of skiing around here, snow on the ground. Still waiting for spring in New England!

  3. Great pictures and those candied coated pecan cookies look amazing. Your kids are adorable. I love cheetos too…no way around it. I can’t even have them in my house, when my craving gets too bad, I buy a single serving bag and eat them guilt free. I had no problem consuming a whole bag by myself while studying in college. I don’t want Duke to win either, but I am a Clemson University Alum…..

  4. Cookies do make everything better…I’m just impressed that you could only eat one or two on a bad day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Cookies DO make everything better! My little man is just 2 days younger than caleb and 2 little teeth just popped up. Love this age!

  6. i love snapchat! i added you~ i love the little snippets, either a video or the photo of daily life- random stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ i love that you can draw on your photo or add captions.

    1. Thanks for adding me! I am still trying to figure it out! I will look at adding text! Bear with me:)

  7. You all are so cute! Snap chat was started so you could send pictures and they do not get saved to your phone. (Even though nothing really disappears online!!) you can pick how long you want the viewer to see the picture, and double click the video or picture to add text. The stories let everyone see it instead of a specific person, so if you add to your story all your friends can see what youve been doing. Hopefully that helps, have a great weekend!

  8. Pretty Woman is my favorite movie. Have two DVD’s of it but would rather watch it on TV. Maxwell is changing so much.

  9. Go Caleb, it sure looks like he is having fun. So sorry the Utes lost to Duke. I’m from Michigan and a big Spartan fan. We weren’t supposed to get this far but play Louisville tomorrow.
    Maxwell has the cutest small and glad he is happy with his tooth.