This and That


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1. I opened one of our desk drawers and found a pile of Caleb’s empty yogurt containers. Thank goodness I found it before anything got too smelly.

2. Maxwell is getting so big and his personality is really coming out. He is such a fun little guy.


3. Incredible idea.

4. Science is really cool!



1. Maxwell had his one year check-up! He is growing like a weed and perfectly healthy. He is currently on a raspberry kick. Every time he sees raspberries he claps and yells…and then he makes a big raspberry mess because of course he insists on feeding himself.

2. Pizza perfection.

3. Have you seen Albion Fit’s new line? Black and white! I want everything!

4. Currently baking and eating these cookies!


5. Justin’s made my favorite snack so much easier! I am loving their new snack packs! You can buy them at Target!

6. I’ve been looking for a good, supportive sports bra all summer long and I finally found one! I am sure most of you don’t care about what bra I am wearing when I go running, it’s probably TMI, but I wanted to share just in case some of you are looking. Shopping for a sports bra isn’t fun! So just a little FYI-I love this one!

7. I am sooooo jealous of this prop room!

8. In love with my new tote! And I will let you in on a little secret, it is a diaper bag too! Diaper bags can be stylish:)

9. Summer sips!

10. Crushing on this Instagram account!

11. This bread looks too good!

12. Summer hummus! Need!

13. Are you snapping yet? Find me on snapchat-twopeasandpod! I have been sharing lots of random stuff! Lots of food, kids, favorite products, house stuff, runs, and every day happenings! See you in a snap:)

14. Making this before summer is over!

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