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1. Our good friend surprised Caleb with this! Maxwell loves it too! He puts his hand in the air and yells “Ironman!”

2. Dad saves the day!

3. Healthy habits.

4. Little League World Series.

5. When we say prayers before dinner and bedtime, we often have to tell Caleb to fold his arms over and over again. Well, Maxwell has picked up on this so every time he hears the word prayer, he folds his arms and puts his head down. He doesn’t want to get in trouble for not being reverent:)



1. I am still dreaming about the salted caramel croissants from the farmers market.

2. This is happening ASAP!

3. I am going to Boston at the beginning of October and I am super excited. I have never been before. I would love suggestions on where to stay, eat, and fun things to do! Please leave your suggestions in the comments. And I am traveling without my boys, the first time in a long time!!

4. One of my favorite salads!

5. I reserved this book at the library and it just came in! I can’t wait to start it! 

6. Love this shelf.

7. A great end of the summer party! I want to do this!

8. Exciting news, fashionABLE is now local and global. Check out the new Miriam Collection and learn about how they are empowering women. And I seriously want every piece of jewelry in the Miriam Collection. Why can’t my birthday be every day? 🙂 I have this necklace and I looooooove it!

9. Caleb’s dream donuts!


10. We can’t get enough Caprese Garlic Bread. I don’t think we will stop until the tomatoes stop!

11. Several of you have asked for house updates. I promise, we will share more soon, they are almost done framing. YAY! You can follow me on snapchat (twopeasandpod) if you want to see progress videos.


12. Pretty blooms make me happy!

13. Don’t forget to enter out giveaway for KitchenAid’s new Torrent Blender. It is amazing!

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  1. Places to eat (reasonably priced)…Toro (get the corn), EVOO, Alden & Harlow, highland Kitchen…to name a few. James Hook for lobster rolls, Saus for Liege waffles and frites, Boston Public market for variety of foods (get the cider donuts…Union Sq donuts only okay), Flour Bakery for anything, and Drink for fancy cocktails in a semi snobby atmosphere (it’s not too bad and the drinks and apps are worth it). If you want brewery recommendations let me know.

  2. The Liberty Hotel is my absolute favorite place to stay in Boston! It is a converted prison (not as creepy as it sounds!) which has been transformed into this gorgeous hotel but still keeps some of the nuances (one bad inside is called “Clink” the do not disturb signs are large prison keys etc) there’s also a cocktail terrace that’s on the second floor that surrounds the inner hotel that only guests can go to that overlooks the entire downstairs! A very cool and fun spot to stay!

  3. Boston in the fall! You will love it! And I am just around the corner in RI! What will you be visiting for? There is so much to see and do in Boston – where to begin? How much time will you have?

    1. I will be there Friday evening until Monday evening. Should we stay in Boston the entire time or try to fit in Maine, etc? Would love your suggestions! Thanks!

  4. Hard book to read. Not often the heroine is such an unattractive person. I was probably 3/4 through the book before I started to care what happened. I just wanted to slap her.

  5. Seconding Union Square Donuts (check out their store in Union Square) and Alden & Harlow! Also for fanciness, Craigie on Main, Journeyman, and Bondir (all in Cambridge). Rosebud in Davis Square (Somerville) is a recently-redone restaurant in an old-fashioned diner car. Gaslight, The Beehive, and Cinquecento (all in the South End) are also amazing. Island Creek Oyster House has amazing squid ink pasta. A classic is Zaftig’s in Brookline. Tiffani Faison’s Sweet Cheeks near Fenway has decent barbeque. JP Licks and Toscanini’s for ice cream. Sarma has amazing Mediterranean food.

  6. Mike’s Bakery for canolli is mandatory. Seriously, my sister gets them shipped to wherever she is living because she is doing obsessed. And Boston cream pie from anywhere. Also go hike around Walden Pond. It is gorgeous in the fall!

  7. All great recommendations so far…definitely go to Rosebud for brunch (brioche french toast dipped in orange and vanilla with strawberry maple syrup – YES.), and definitely hit Sarma, if you can get in. Flour is a total must, and try to have dinner at TW Food – his food combinations will blow your mind and make your belly happy. Craigie, Oleana, Catalyst, Highland Kitchen, Harvest – tons of options in Cambridge. Try to side trip to Concord (which is where Walden Pond is) – after you enjoy the area, there’s a Bondir here too, as well as 80 Thoreau, Woods Hill Table and Salt Box Kitchen – all worth the trip! Knowing your love of ice cream, JP Licks and Toscanini’s are no-brainers. For true lobstah, hit Yankee Lobster Fish Market or sit outside at Legal’s (or try their Test Kitchen). Tons of choices, can’t go wrong. The Liberty is a unique hotel, can’t go wrong there either. Walk through Faneuil Hall and Quincy Marketplace – enjoy the street performers – then head to the North End – Mike’s is a mainstay and for classy Italian try Mama Maria’s. Soooooo many options – we love our food here!

  8. Saus is Boston is amazing! They serve Belgian waffles with a variety of toppings and homemade fries with dipping sauces-roasted garlic, cheddar ale, bacon Parmesan, and more! It’s seriously awesome!

    The Museum of Fine Arts is great and has some kid-friendly sections, but probably more for your older son. They recently had a cool car, trains, and planes exhibit-not sure if that’s still up or not!

  9. Good book, you will enjoy it. There’s a lot of history (of course) in Boston, so if you are able take a tour that would be helpful to catch all the top spots. Modern Pastry in the North End is the best for Italian sweets, Regina for good pizza (not the fancy toppings, just good thin-crust), and of course Faneuil Hall has lots of shops and places to eat. Great seafood at Legal Seafood (several locations.) Hopefully you will get to go to the North Shore (Rockport, Essex, Newburyport) or Cape Cod to see the beautiful coastline.

  10. I went to Boston for the first time earlier this summer. I don’t have any food recommendations, but definitely don’t skip a visit to the Boston Public Library! It is amazing. We also loved the Fenway tour / baseball game. The Freedom Trail was cool, but a little overwhelming also, because it’s so much history crammed in such a small space! You’ll have a great time!

  11. I have not been to Boston in a couple of decades so I have little memory of details but I remember loving it. You will have a blast.
    I did love that book! Happy reading!!

  12. I second pretty much all of these food recommendations and I won’t add any more since you already have too many places and not enough days! If you are actually interested in baseball, you can go for a tour of the stadium when the Red Sox are out of town. Some other interesting random things food related: tour of the Taza chocolate factory, and my all time favorite SOWA!
    It’s basically a farmer’s market, craft/artisan fair, flea market, food truck festival all rolled in one every Sunday! And it’s through October 26!

  13. I work in Boston – many great ideas mentioned above. I would add Union Oyster House, Limoncello in the North End and Mike’s Pastry definitely! I don’t have any hotel recommendations as I have not stayed in any. The Freedom trail is nice, very historical. Take a duck tour if you don’t want to walk. I am not sure if you’ll want to spend a lot of time in the car, so the Cape and Maine may be out. In reality, there is so much to do in Boston that you may not have time to go anywhere else. October is beautiful. It can be warm – but not too hot. Enjoy your trip!

  14. That dad video SLAYS ME! I remember something from when I was little where my dad caught my baby sister by the foot when she fell backwards out of his arms. But I think the one in the Youtube video that made me laugh the hardest was the gal in the cooking contest who ran into the audience to get her dad to open the jar. Freaking awesome, and quick thinking by both her and her dad.

  15. Toro—awesome tapas

    Alden and Harlow—Amazing food. This is in Cambridge near Harvard Square

    Café ArtScience—cocktails!

    Drink, Sportello, Menton (B&G Oysters, The Butcher Shop, No 9 Park)—another good friend… these are all right next to each other… Drink is a fancy, speak easy type bar. Sportello is a counter restaurant with the best pasta!, Menton is FANCY and pricey, but their tasting meal is a winner. I highly recommend the L’Azureen for a cocktail.

    Café Madeleine—French bakery in the South End

    If you go to the North End (Italian section), everyone goes to Mike’s for cannolis. Don’t. Go to Maria’s. You won’t be disappointed.

    Puritan—Another Cambridge place… new, edgy New England fair from a friend of Justin’s

    Bondir—Cambridge again… local fair all dressed up

    Flour bakery—there are a few locations, Back Bay, South End, Central Square, Fort Point—Chef is a Harvard math grad who loved baking… everything is great. Her sticky buns beat Bobby Flay!

    O ya—Sushi and other Asian fare…

    Myers and Chang—remember that Harvard chef, here she is again with her husband… Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese… something for everyone

    Last, my new favorite, Townsman!

  16. So jealous that you are going to Boston in October! Even though I live in San Diego now, I grew up there my whole life. It is such an awesome city. You are going to love it.

    For things to do, the boys would absolutely love the Duck Boats. Other kid friendly things are riding the swan boats at the Public Gardens, New England Aquarium, and the Childrens Museum. I would totally check out Faneuil Hall and explore some of the Freedom Trail (it’s long so I wouldn’t do the whole thing but it takes you into a bunch of fun areas in the city you wouldn’t want to miss). I would also make sure to go to an Italian restaurant in the North End for lunch or dinner, then hit Mike’s Pastry (like others said) for dessert. I would say that Copley Square is a good central place in the city to stay.

    Boston is such a walkable city so it makes it easy to see a lot of things. You can also take the T (Boston public transit system) to pretty much anywhere you want to go in and right outside the city so you don’t need to rent a car unless you plan on traveling outside the city. As for traveling outside of the state, you are only there for such a short time so I would personally save that for another trip. You probably won’t have much time for anything else if you want to explore the city. There is so much to do. Have a fun trip! Can’t wait to see your pictures!!

  17. Such a cute pic of Caleb and Iron Man….lol…so cute about Maxwell folding his arms and bowing his head when he hears the word prayer…Have a good time in Boston

  18. Lobster claw pastry at Mike’s! Great Italian restaurants in North End. Giacomos. Walk along the water. Beautiful and peaceful.

  19. I agree with everything above ! Except Legal Seafood don’t waste your time and money they were THEN…so many other places that are far better !!
    There will never be enough time for a trip to Maine so save it until next time 🙂 That in itself is a weekend ENJOY your time Boston is a wonderful city 🙂

  20. Maria! So happy you are going to visit Beantown. Let me know when you are going to be here and hopefully we can pop into town to see you.

    The recommendations people have made are fantastic. Definitely do: Mikes Pastries for a cannoli, Flour Baker is a must (order everything), Yankee Lobster Company was highlighted on DDD and is awesome. Wagamamas is a chain but there are only three in the US and they are all in Boston! Bergamots has amazing food but make a reservation now if you want to go.

    Definitely go to the market, beacon hill, back bay, fanueil hall (don’t eat the food there…it’s gross), freedom trail, MFA, Red Sox, Boston common and public gardens, Harvard square, MIT quad, Boston public library, Esplenade, maparium scientists church in Back bay, the Temple is in Belmont (where we live) (skip the New England Aquarium and Children’s museum unless you have kids). If you have time to get outside Boston, Waldon bond is nice, Crane Estate in Ipswish is awesome! The Vanderbuilt Mansions (The Breakers) in Rhode Island are also awesome.

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