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1. Caleb wanted to do a hike all by himself on Labor Day. I was proud of his choice in activities and how well he did. He hiked all the way up and down by himself.

2. Utes had a great win on Thursday to open their season. We have a game on Friday this week. Go Utes!

3. Also, the NFL starts today! Are you ready for some football?


4. Maxwell sure knows how to eat pasta and garlic bread.

5. Have you heard about the new iPad Pro. I am stoked about it and may trade in my MacBooK Air.



1. I am all thrown off this week because of the holiday on Monday. How was your Labor Day? Ours was laid back. I baked cookies for the guys working on our house, recipe coming soon, and we went to Cafe Rio. Love their veggie salads!

2. This cake. My childhood dreams came true!

3. I finally finished all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix (I never watched it when it was on TV. I know, I am behind the times). I am happy about the ending for the most part, but I wish Jess would have come back for Rory at the end. I have a thing for the “bad boys”!

4. Oh, and I finished this book! I liked it! What should I read next?


5. Obsessed with these flavors! You can find them at Target.

6. My favorite. It never gets old.

7. Are you guys ready for fall recipes? Is it too soon for pumpkin? I have A LOT of pumpkin recipes on the blog already, do you want more? If so, what?? Help me out!


8. I went on a trail run this week. We started with head lamps, but the sun eventually got out of bed and we saw this view. Worth it.

9. Kids in the kitchen. YES!

10. I bought this necklace for a friend and now I want one:)


11. Caleb started preschool this week! I sure do love that kid!

12. Pink iPhone? I think I NEED it:)

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  1. I’m reading “Go Set a Watchman” by Harper Lee and am enjoying it. I just finished “A Window Opens” by Elizabeth Egan and really loved it. I think you might, too!

  2. Hi Maria,

    This is a comment suggesting a pumpkin recipe. I have tried and tried to make a recipe for a crispy pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. They always come out ” cakey “in texture. Is it possible to create a crispy pumpkin chocolate chip cookie?

    Thank you!

  3. Maxwell and pasta….lol….what a kid. Can’t believe Caleb is ready for pre-school…where has the time gone. The kitchen/kid list is good but I think the age groups are a little advanced at the early – not sure about that…lol…I am thrilled that Fall is finally getting here and that the temps have been a bit more manageable this week – hopefully will be able to jump into fall baking and look forward to pumpkin and spice cake recipes!

  4. Watching Gilmore Girls as I type! My all-time favorite show!! And, yes, Rory and Jess forever!!!!! In my mind, they do eventually get back together and stay together forever.

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