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deer valley

1. I skied at Deer Valley Resort on Tuesday and it was absolutely beautiful. Utah is getting some good snow this year. This is looking towards Mount Timpanogos.

2. Good people do good things.


3. Maxwell loves sitting in boxes. He pushes them in front of the tv and watches cartoons. He reminds me of a cat. Ha!

4. Caleb has always been a good kid, but around the time Maxwell was born we started having the power struggle battles that are sometimes called the “terrible twos”. They were the “terrible threes” for Caleb. Well, Caleb is four now and we have noticed a huge difference. He has become such a good helper and great big brother. The power struggles have almost completely disappeared. He is still four and throws the occasional tantrum, but so far we are loving age four.


5. Batman fell asleep on the job. Caleb took a nap with his mask on and it didn’t even bug him. Maybe he is Batman:)

6. The Patriots and Chiefs play this weekend. I am torn on who to cheer for. I love both teams. It should be a good game!



1. I had a fabulous time at the Golden Globes with Lindt. It still feels like a dream! The viewing party was tons of fun and the Weinstein party was unreal. We walked the red carpet and had fun stalking the stars:) We stayed out until the wee hours of the morning and I am still feeling it. I don’t remember the last time I pulled an all nighter, ha! I wore a Ralph Lauren dress…I figured black and white was safe! My feet are still hurting from being in heels, but it was SO worth it! I had the best time! So what did you think of the show? Favorite moments? Best dressed? Worst dressed? Do tell! I loved me some LEO!

2. I made sure I ate my fair of chocolate while I was at the parties and Lindt sent us home with the same box of chocolates that all of the celebrities received. I am hiding my box from the boys:)


3. While I was in LA, I went to breakfast at The Griddle Cafe, my favorite breakfast spot. I always order the “Recess Time” pancake, which is a cinnamon streusel pancake. It is our very favorite, we even recreated it because it is SO good. Well, this time I tried the cinnamon streusel French toast and it is life changing. I have a new favorite breakfast! I think we will have to recreate this one too!

4. This soup looks delightful!

5. Pillow talk…no, really. I need help finding a new pillow! I wake up every morning with a sore neck and I think it is my pillow. Right now, I am using a pillow we bought from Costco. I thought it was a good one, but maybe not. Do you have a favorite pillow?

6. Bring on the cheeeeese!

7. Are you watching Making a Murder? EVERYONE is talking about it. We haven’t started it, but I told Josh we need to watch it together ASAP. I am sure we will be sucked in. I love a good show!

8. Love these makeup tips!

9. I need to learn photoshop so I can do this! So cool!

10. Soooooo dreamy!

11. I want to read this book!

12. These tots get two thumbs up!

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  1. I’m not one to  watch the Golden Globes, but I do love all the dresses the women show off! I always feel as though I never dress to impress men, but other woman, hence, the Spanx swimsuit I just ordered!! (huge sale folks) Your dress is stunning and black & white is always safe, you look great! I wish I knew how you stayed so svelte with all the yummy food you make! Tell me your secrets =) 

    1. Thank you! No secrets, I just exercise daily and eat a balanced diet…healthy most of the time, but leave room for splurges:)

  2. Maxwell is too cute in the box and Caleb is adorable in his mask! It sure looks like there was a good snow for skiing – though that’s not something I’ve ever done.  The story about Kevin Dunn and the houses he’s given away was wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing that – I had no idea.  

    Maria – your dress for the Golden Globes was beautiful and you look wonderful in it – your makeup is just right. I really enjoyed the opening monologue by Ricky Gervais and his back and forth with Mel Gibson (though a lot of that was beeped out by NBC).  I also liked how Denzel Washington brought his whole family with him up on the stage – he seems like such a balanced person compared to many of the others in Hollywood.  I liked Matt Damon’s speech – the part about making a lot of movies that people haven’t gone to see cracked me up!  I liked a lot of the dresses but have to admit that I was really disappointed with the dress Viola Davis wore – it was too poofy for her body type.  It sure sounds like you had a great time.  

    Thanks for the link for the makeup tips – they are great and I need to move my makeup ASAP!  That chocolate cake looks amazing too! 

  3. I use a pillow I got from my chiropractor and the first few nights it is SUPER uncomfortable because the neck support is awesome. Now I love it and it helps me sleep on my back as well (belly sleeping is so bad for your neck!!).

  4. I don’t know.  Right now I have a $20 pillow from Target, but it’s not that substantial of a pillow.  Sometimes I wake up with a sore neck.  Sometimes not.  My hubby seems to sleep on the same pillows night after night, but I always have trouble.  I feel like I’m always buying new pillows.

  5. That french toast looks divine!! That is my favorite breakfast food…particularly with a side of bacon! YUM!! I live in Green Bay, WI, not far from Manitowoc, where Theresa Halbach was murdered. I watched and read everything I could about that case. I was so obsessed with it. He was guilty. If you are going to watch it, please make sure you also check this out, to get the other side of the story – . I refuse to watch the Netflix show, because I won’t give him the satisfaction. What he did was unimaginable. I understand the series on Netflix paints a very one-sided version of this case. Please be sure to listen to the podcasts. Sorry, went on a bit of a rant there. BTW, love your “This and That” posts!! Oh, one more thing…I have a pillow that I love…got it from Home Goods for under $20.

  6. I have a lot of neck and headache issues as a result of a car accident and I have found the Mediflow Elite waterbase fibre pillow to be the best choice for me. After trying so many pillows that did not work this one was suggested by my chiropractor and I highly recommend it.

  7. So glad you had a great time at the Golden Globes! LOVE that dress!!! I suspect you weren’t allowed to bring a camera to the awards, but will you be posting about your experience? Can’t wait to hear all about it 😀 

    1. Thank you! I took a few photos at the party and did a few snapchats at the party, but it was so dark…and I was too busy having fun! I had a great time!

  8. My husband and I both love our water pillows!  It took a little while to figure out the right amount of water for each of us, but once we figured it out…. they’re awesome.

  9. Dang it! Wouldn’t it be fun to have tons of money to be able to help people? I think about things like that all the time, like if I won the lottery or something I could pay off my sister’s student loans, help my mom pay off her mortgage, get my little brother a new car since his just died, etc. Mr. Dunn is in a position to help MANY people he doesn’t even know, and he actually does it! What a good man.

  10. After years of unsatisfying pillows, I finally found my pillow soul mate at They aren’t cheap, but do come with a 60 day money back trial period and are guaranteed for 10 years. I’m only 3 weeks into using these pillows, but I can’t believe how much I love them! They were comfortable from the very first night and I’ve already converted my mother and my boss. I’ve tried the pillows from Costco, Target, goose down pillows, Temperpedic (the worst!). . .

  11. Three is by far harder than 2! Kiddo number 4 (of 5) is about to turn three and I am mentally preparing myself for the next 6 months of hard work. You looked lovely in your dress and I’m so glad you had a good time.

  12. I have had neck issues for over 35 years.  My answer to a good night’s sleep is a buckwheat hull pillow.  Works like a charm!

  13. Three cheers for!!!

    Look for a coupon code online – 2 for the price of one and a free travel pillow.

    The absolute best!

  14. My hubby has had the hardest time finding a pillow he likes! I just bought him a MyPillow recently (I saw it on an infomercial but bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond–Amazon has it too!) and HE LOVES IT!