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1. It was a great day on the slopes!

2. Penguins are funny!

3. The boys were sick and I got whatever they had. The only good thing about your kids being sick, the snuggles.

4. Hilarious snow shoveling.

5. I hope this comes to the market. So cool!



1. Over the weekend, I made something insanely rich and delicious. Don’t worry, the recipe is coming soon!

2. All of my boys have been sick this week, Josh included. Thankfully, they are on the mend, but the nasty cough is still lingering. I am crossing my fingers I don’t get it next. Although, I kind of want to be sick in bed. We all need a break!

3. I shared a teaser photo of our master bathroom tile on Instagram. I am so in love! If you are interested in house updates, make sure you are following me on snapchat, twopeasandpod. I share lots of behind the scenes videos. I am also going to do a post soon! Things are coming along!

4. Cookies of the world. I need to try them all. Life goals.

5. The always list. I want my closet to look like this!

6. My birthday is next week and I am trying to think of something special and fun to do. Any suggestions? Cookies are a given:) And yes, Josh should probably be asking this question, but I am kind of controlling when it comes to birthdays. I LOVE them and I like to be included in the planning, even for my own special day. I will give Josh credit, he tries, but I usually take over:)

7. This bread. WOW!

8. I want these storage baskets and they are on sale right now. The only problem, I can see the boys emptying whatever I put in them and hiding inside:)

9. Super cool pancakes!

la bonne vie

10. The prettiest bakery in Salt Lake City!

11. I bought some new foundation and I really like it!

12. This needs to be my lunch!

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This and That

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  1. Those pancakes! Those cookies! All things I want right now ­čÖé Happy almost-birthday!

  2. Love new home construction/design but not on SnapChat – please consider letting the rest of us follow along your new home adventure!

    1. I have shared a few photos on Instagram, follow the hashtag #twopeashouse! I will be sharing more on Instagram and on our blog soon!

  3. great ┬ápost! love the video of the penguins and the snow shoveling (so funny) ┬áGlad you boys are feeling better! Maria I hope you don’t get sick! My sister’s birthday is next week to on the 4th! She’ll be 41 already (ha), of course I’m just 2 years behind her! ┬áLove the tiles! We just had tiles put in both of our bathrooms last month(porcelain) So pretty! Y’all have a great day! ┬á

  4. What a fun weekend on the slopes! I’ve not been skiing in forever, but need to try it again! And that bakery is gorgeous! I’d love to stroll through there! ┬áThank you for the link love on that sandwich! ┬á

  5. Ha ha! Oh, my gosh, I feel terrible laughing at those poor penguins but they all seemed to be fine after their faceplants.

  6. Hope Josh, Caleb and Maxwell are feeling better by tonight! Bummer when they are all sick. ┬áHopefully Maria won’t get it:).
    I agree on Cookies of the World – I need to make those…or at least eat them…lol
    The Salted Caramel Apple Fritter bread looks freaking amazing! I am going to have to try that.
    I have to admit that I’m not thrilled with my local Sephora store – I love going in there and shopping but I never, never, never ever get a helpful clerk…half the time I can barely even get a clerk to answer a question I have about a product I want to buy – though they sure don’t mind taking my money when I check out. ┬áThe foundation sounds good -= maybe next time I go in Sephora if I can get someone to help me pick a shade I can try it.┬á

  7. Wow thank you so much for featuring my pancakes! I had to pinch myself a few times ­čśÇ I’m glad you liked them! The Zebra stripes cutting into them brings a smile to anyone eating them.