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1. We have been shopping for a new couch for our new house and the boys and I found the one we want, but we are being vetoed by the executive branch. 🙂

2. People are inventive and amazing.

3. I went skiing at Alta and a squirrel ran all the way across a ski run and within about a foot of getting run over by my skis. I told Caleb about it and he said, “Daddy, I wonder if the squirrel just thought you were a big nut and wanted to get you.” Ha! What a kid.

4. Great story about a group of young boys. Our friend, Paul, would be proud of them.


5. Our boys love to clean our church. I am not sure Maxwell’s toy vacuum picked up anything, but it is the thought that counts!



1. Spring break…are you going anywhere? I kind of want to take a family trip! Nothing too crazy, but I would love to get away for a few days.

2. I can’t wait to check out this cookbook!


3. We celebrated National Cereal Day this week. I am a sucker for cereal. I don’t eat it for breakfast, but it is my go to night snack!

4. I am dying over these cakes!


5. I am on a major asparagus kick. I can’t stop eating this!

6. Maxwell loves Adelle’s song Hello. Every time he hears it in the car, he starts clapping, laughing, and singing HELLO! He does a good job at mimicking Adelle’s voice. It is pretty cute!

7. These tweets made me laugh!

8. I love this table and it actually looks easy to make!

9. It was a busy week so we only watched one episode of House of Cards. I know, we need to pick up the pace!

10. I want a rooftop garden!

11. I love a good pen!

12. I am going to the Vintage Whites Market in Salt Lake City this weekend to look for fun finds for our new house! I can’t wait!

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  1. Whoa! That article about the baby left me feeling like I’d just watched a movie thriller. So exciting! I can’t believe those doctors completely invented new 3D techniques AND new surgery to fix a brand new birth defect.

  2. hey y’all great list! Especially love the video about the boys helping out their friend! So cool! God has blessed them all! 

  3. hahah fellow asparagus lover!! How you tried bacon wrapped asparagus??? Take (uncooked) strips of bacon wrap around 3 or so asparagus…repeat until out of bacon..or asparagus..whichever comes first…place on baking sheet…add a bit EVOO, garlic salt if you like and bake at 350 for about 20 mins or until bacon is crispy.

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