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1. We went on a picnic to celebrate the first day of spring. It was beautiful…and then it snowed this week.

2. Did you know this? Knowing is half the battle.

3. If toddlers had Facebook.

4. If you need a ride to the airport, here is an idea. Ha!


5. Utah sunsets are unreal, especially in the spring with the snow capped mountains. I did not understand the lyrics in the song “America The Beautiful” that say “purple mountain majesties,” until I moved to Utah.

6. March Madness has been mad. Lots of upsets this year. I am sad about my Utes losing, but they had a good season.



1. The calendar says it is spring, but it snowed this week. Sigh. I am ready for some warm weather and sunshine! Good thing I am headed to Texas today for a fun Fixer Upper weekend! I am staying at Chip and Jo’s new bed and breakfast! I can’t wait!! I will also be doing some shopping at Magnolia Market and eating my way through Waco:) I will be sharing my trip on Instagram and snapchat, twopeasandpod, so make sure you are following!

2. Step up your photography and styling game and sign up for Cool Photo School! Don’t worry, you don’t have to actually go to school, it is an online class. I will be learning in my pj’s!! Yahoo!


3. I made my favorite cookies over the weekend because I was craving them like mad. Have you tried them?

4. The prettiest avocado toast I have ever seen.

5. The magical key to doing it all!

6. What would you buy with $100 at the grocery store?

7. Dying for one of these dip-dyed stools.

8. We have been watching a lot of basketball. My bracket is doomed because I picked Michigan State to win it all. Oops! I hope an underdog team wins it all!

9. You can never have too many black dresses!

10. The 90-second rule.

11. Love FASHIONABLE’s new pewter tote!

12. What are your Easter plans? If you need Easter recipe ideas, look here! Happy Easter!

Maria Lichty

I’m Maria and my husband is Josh. We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. We love sitting around the table with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family! Our kitchen is always open!
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  1. So many good things with this post. The Post It thing kills me. How can something so simple make me so happy.  I would take those cookies and each and every one of the avocado toasts. And that tote.  I have the brown and love. 

  2. Great picnic photo! The “If Toddlers Had Facebook” made me laugh really loud – and so true! Had no idea I’ve been using post it notes wrong for years! March Madness is totally crazy this year! I hope Maria has a great time this weekend! Love the black maxi dress! The link for the tote didn’t work:(….bummer….

  3. I’m so glad I now know the correct way to peel post-its. I feel like everyone should know about this groundbreaking discovery and I thank you sincerely for bringing it to my attention.

    Also, are those little primroses? Are they easy to grow?

  4. I really love following you and Thursday’s are my favorite posts, but I have to say the pop up ads are just awful and really do not make visiting a good experience. Because there are so many, my browser sometimes crashes or it just takes horribly long to even scroll through the page. Still love you guys but just wanted to give some feedback from a faithful follower!

  5. Have fun in Waco. I my self just went to the Magnolia Market today. To bad Chip and Joanna were not there:( That would have made my trip complete. I hope to go back when they have the bakery finished.

  6. I am so envious of your trip to Waco and your stay at the Gaines’ Bed & Breakfast. Fixer Upper is probably my favorite show on HGTV. I live in the Northeast and never heard of “shiplap” until I statred watching the show but love the look so much. I wish Chip and Joanna would travel and do their magic in remote locations. I swear, I would purchase a fixer upper just to ahve them do the design and construction work! Enjoy your weekend and shopping!

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