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By Maria Lichty

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1. I love Maxwell’s long blonde hair, but Maria wants to cut it and I say no way!

2. Did any of you see the Men’s Basketball National Championship game? It was a great game and that shot by Marcus Paige to tie the game up was incredible. If you did not watch the game, check out the last 5 seconds of the game. So exciting.

3. What would you think if this was your Uber driver?


4. Fun times at the zoo!

5. So much great going on here.



1. Ok, important question. What are your favorite blinds? We need to order some for our new house and I can’t decide. I am leaning towards Roman shades. Any suggestions?

2. I finished reading this book. I enjoyed it! I am thinking about reading this book next. Anyone read it?


3. I am so excited about strawberry season! Come back tomorrow to see what I made with these red beauties!

4. Are you guys still enjoying our weekly meal plans? Let me know if you want us to keep them up. I personally find them helpful, but if you are over them, I can stop:)

5. That streusel.

6. I updated our Shop with some fun new items, including these. Check out our Shop for our favorite things!

7. Double chocolate and peanut butter? YES!

8. My kind of spring salad.

9. Living in excess.

10. I am going to get crafty and make one of these!

11. Amazing vacation houses. I want to visit them all!

12. How pretty are these?

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  1. My son has similar hair (just turned 2) and my husband won’t let us cut it short. It is cute but it drives me crazy! Also, I highly recommend shutters! They are not cheap, but I love them!

    1. Just before my son turned 2, we cut his adorable but long curls off. It was so hard! But he was beginning to look girly.  Looking back at pictures, I wish I had done it earlier.

  2. Thanks so much for the salad loving! I’m so happy for Spring and all the lovely produce. And Kristen’s Living in Excess article is really thought provoking. Definitely making me re-think some of the things I’m doing. Have a wonderful rest of the week! Cheers!

  3. Ughhh, I hate to say this but your wife is right. Cut his hair dude! Gym teacher here, watched the game, was exciting. 

  4. Oh Josh…I agree with Maria. As much as you want to keep Maxwell a baby, he really is ready for a “big boy “haircut.

  5. Maxwell’s hair is getting long but it’s so cute! Both boys look like they had a great time at the zoo.
    I have not read either of the books mentioned by Maria – though I do like the cover for the one that she just finished – I’ve been reading the Maisie
    Dobbs series and I’m almost caught up there. The green wreath looks really nice and would be a great thing on your new door:)

  6. Please, please, please do not stop you weekly meal plans. My adult son and his daughter occasionally join my husband and me for dinner when his wife has to work. He has told numerous people that whenever he comes, it will always be good and always be different. I rarely make any of your recipes twice. There are just so many good ones I don’t have to. I also use other sites, so the variety is endless. I’ve recently discovered that lots of your recipes are Weight Watcher friendly and allow me to stay within my points and still be satisfied. I also love your vegetarian recipes also. We’re not huge meat eaters and most of your stuff is amazing. So please, for the sake of my family…..DON’T STOP!

  7. Love the photo of your boys. Skip shutters, beautiful but impossible to keep clean. Roman shades are a great choice. Love the weekly meal plans, I got ” the talk” from the doc, vegetarian diet, here we come! Always look forward to Thursday. Best wishes to you all.

  8. hey y’all great list! I do love Maxwell ‘s hair ,but it is getting long! ha. That would be an awesome uber driver! So cool! Love all the vacation  houses! So pretty!  have a great day!

  9. Definitely shutters. I have had them in three houses. Keeps the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter. Never had a problem with dirt.  How would you clean a Roman shade?  Shutters are very versatile, with many options to have them open. Roman shades are closed or open. 
    Don’t cut Maxwell ‘s hair yet.  Maybe for his 2nd birthday.
    Never look at the weekly meal plan.

  10. As a blog reader I actually don’t ever read meal plans. I find it more useful to have new recipes so I can incorporate them into my own meal plans. I know this isn’t the case for everyone but it works better for me. 

  11. I’ve read “My Name is Lucy Barton” – it got good reviews, but I just didn’t get it. Super quick read though. 

    I do glance at your meal plans every week. Perhaps it’s because I only cook for 2 people, but I do enjoy when the ingredients of a meal plan tie together a bit more. For example, if I’m buying a bunch of cilantro, but only need 1/4 cup, I like meal plans that use cilantro somewhere else in the week so it’s not going to waste. Same with other veggies. Buy a bag of carrots – use them here and in a different way here. That’s what’s helpful to me. Your recipes are always winners!

  12. I agree – cut his hair.  I just built a house and debated over the blinds.  The problem with roman shades is that they are all or nothing.  I like to have the option of letting a little light in.  Also, Roman shades look good down but when they are raised they are kind of bulky and not as attractive.  I ended up getting Hunter Douglas white wood blinds and I couldn’t be happier.  They are clean looking and timeless.  Good luck – isn’t it overwhelming make every single decision!

  13. We live in Salt Lake City too, so I have similar amounts of sunlight as you. We have plantation shutters. I love how they look, and they are definitely really effective at removing light when you want (also kids can easily open and close them… My lab can open and close them). I know they are pricy, our house had them when we bought it. My only complaint is that sometimes they don’t let in tons of light, but worth it for the ease. Cleaning is also much easier than other blinds. A swifter duster is quick and oh so easy to use!

  14. LOVE your meal plans and pretty much all the recipes you share. Please don’t stop…unless you’re over it. 😉 I most definitely am not. Thank you!

    BTW –not that you’re taking a poll here– I’m with you regarding Max’s hair. I had my own “Max”

    years ago (big blue eyes and all) and I loved his hair just like that. Too bad it didn’t all decided to hang around once he hit his 20s, though I still find him adorable. 😉

  15. BLINDS…Top down, bottom up.  It’s great to be able to pull the top down for sunlight but still have privacy if needed on the bottom.  Bathrooms and master bedroom highly recommended.  We have in family room as well.  The ones in our family room came from JCPenney..custom and the others from Lowes.

  16. Oh my gosh I never comment but if you stop meal plans I will die!! Love them!  I am a personal trainer and forward your emails to my clients!!

  17. Tell your  husband I much preferred the shot made my Villanova player Kris Jenkins!!!!!!  Amazing!

  18. Hey Maria! I have both Roman shades from pottery barn (they are on sale right now) and the custom plastic shutters from next day blinds. The Roman shades are in the bedrooms and I love them. The shutters which I chose plastic because you have to repaint the wood and my kids have pulled on them & it survived are in the bathrooms and kitchen. And to clean the Roman vacuum them. I have the shades in my kids bedrooms and a cloth with water and maybe soap..but I haven’t had to do that yet. Just a thought.

  19. I like Roman blinds but it will be hard to go to anything after having really nice Hampton Bay cellular blinds in our house in CO. Insulating and functional. Very clean lines and you can dress them up with curtains or other color if need be. We had the top down/bottom up version and liked the privacy without losing our mountain views.

  20. Chocolate peanut butter smoothie looks so yummy!! And lemony shaved asparagus salad is so refreshing. And yes, those Vacation houses are to dye for!! Hope I get to spend some quality time in such houses. Lovely!!!

  21. I’ve  been reading your blog for almost 5 years now…love “This and That”.   Especially love the his and her’s format.  Thank you for the upbeat, lovely content.