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hogle zoo

1. Another wild day at the zoo!

2. Interesting article on raising children.

3. This guy got a new racket and is not afraid to swing it!

4. Regeneration.


5. Caleb loves getting dressed up for church. The orange shades really make the outfit.


6. A boy and his balloon…and then it popped and there were tears.



1. We watched this movie over the weekend and I actually stayed awake for the entire movie. I loved it! Michael B. Jordan did an amazing job and holy muscles!

2. We are starting to shop for furniture for our new house and I am really loving this chair for my office. I think it is fun and will add a nice pop of color! We are still on the hunt for the perfect sectional, Josh talked me into a sectional for the great room! I hope we find one soon!

3. The best books of the 21st century. What should I read next?

4. I want to add these wedges to my spring wardrobe!

5. The perfect spring meal!

6. My kind of club. I think I need to start one!

7. I want to stay at Julia Child’s house!

8. How to toast coconut!

9. I am crazy about this PB&J dessert!

10. Is it weird that I want to get hurt so I can wear one of these BAND-AIDS? Nothing serious, just a little cut:)

11. Fancy oatmeal. I can’t wait to try it!

12. This cake. So fun!

12. I am speaking at the Snap conference today! Wish me luck and if you are attending, make sure you say hello!

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  1. My girls loving getting dressed up for church too. Your little man is adorable, still hoping one day we will be blessed with a son too. But I love my girls! Grew up with just brothers, so it’s totally crazy that manly man self loves doing girlies hair, but I do. 

  2. My recent reads are “Sea Change” by Karen White and “Me Before You” by JoJo Moyes. I really liked both of them and cannot wait for the movie rendition of “Me Before You.” I did cry intensely multiple times a warning.
    I also have been trying to read through Elin Hilderbrand’s books – love most of hers! Another author I like that I read a few years back is Pam Jenoff and she has a few newer ones I have on my list. The Kommandant’s Girl and the Diplomat’s Wife were great. Hope this helps!

  3. what great link to graphic on what to read!  Have read MANY of those on that list and they have been some of the best books I’ve ever read.  So any of those!  going to add the ones I haven’t to my out of control “To Read ” list on good reads! LOL

  4. I loved Creed also, would recommend that one to everyone. I love Caleb’s church outfit, he is looking really cool.