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1. Cool dudes!

2. I ski and snowboard and I think this is a good decision.

3. I love the Golden State Warriors. Andrew Bogut is a former Ute and Curry is incredible. I am sad Curry sprained his ankle in the first game of the playoffs. Hopefully, he can make it back soon and they will win the championship. The NBA has been fun to watch this year.


4. Maxwell hasn’t gotten a haircut yet, but he has an appointment next week. I will be sad when this hair is gone.

5. Star Wars fans, check this out!



1. Spring has sprung in downtown Salt Lake City. The flowers are so beautiful!

2. These cards are so pretty and fun! I am stocking up!

3. What are your favorite furniture stores? We are going to have an entire house to furnish soon and I am getting a little paranoid that I haven’t ordered any furniture! Where should I look?

4. I need to make this cake for my boys. They love churros!

5. I want to add this to my collection!

6. Give yourself a break.

7. Morning Star Farms just launched this cool Veg Effect Calculator– an innovative tool to help people understand the powerful impact a veggie meal can create on the environment.The impact is so powerful, in fact, that by eating a meatless meal instead of one with meat per week for a year, you’re potentially saving, per person, 3,600 gallons of water, 1,000 square feet of land – not to mention 184 car miles in greenhouse gas emissions saved, according to this new Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) released today by MorningStar Farms. Use the calculator to see how much environmental impact your meals can have! I was blown away by some of the stats! What is your favorite #waytoveg? If you need some veggie inspiration, check out our vegetarian recipes and share your #waytoveg on social!

8. Layers.

9. I am so excited for rhubarb season and I can’t wait to make these!

10. Love these quotes.

11. This grilled cheese. WHOA! And don’t forget it is National Grilled Cheese Month! If you need some recipe inspiration, you can check out some our favorite grilled cheese recipes here.

12. 10 Things Insanely Organized People Do.

paint colors

13. This weekend we are going to be painting the gym/lunch room of our local elementary school. We are partnering with Sherwin-Williams on this project for National Painting Week. We are excited to help spruce up the school! I will be sharing some videos on snapchat, so make sure you follow twopeasandpod!

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This and That

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  1. The boys look great as usual! Such cute pictures.  The flowers are beautiful – not big on rhubarb – my dad likes it in a pie but I’m afraid the rest of us are not fans.  The 10 Things Insanely Organized People Do is a list I really need because I need to get much more organized – I also need to do a purge!  The Churro Bundt cake looks good and I’m definitely going to give it a try.  

  2. Don’t cut his hair!  It’s darling…and as you know from child #1, once those soft, baby, whisps are gone, they are replaced with the coarser ‘people’ hairs.  As a mom of two teens, I say ‘hang on to it as long as you can!’  

  3. Hi Maria,
    Costco will have furniture in their warehouses mid summer, usually at the beginning of July.  You could furnish a good bit of your new home at a fraction of a retail store.
    Side note, making the banana cake with PNB frosting this weekend for a family function at the ocean, thanks for sharing that awesome recipe!

  4. hey guys love the post! Such cool things! And the place where my husband and I have bought a few furniture items is Big Lots! I don’t know if y’all have one up there or not but they are very reasonable. We have bought a couch, dinner table with chairs a computer chair. This place has a lot of things in their store kitchen items, home decor, heath and beauty dept, pet dept seasonal dept. So neat! Good luck! Oh also Furniture Factory Outlet is a nice place! My parents have bought quite a few things from there. And I have bought a Glass top TV stand , and a love seat.       

  5. Check out Nebraska Furniture Mart.  They are located in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Texas and they are awesome.  Huge selection and great prices.  They sell everything from TVs to furniture to appliances to anything else you might need for a house.  They do ship too.  

  6. always love these posts! thanks for all the awesome links! can’t wait to see what the school looks like! such an awesome project idea!

  7. Thanks for the link love, cutie!!

    Josh — my husband LOVES the GSW also. Steph Curry is our favorite!! Love seeing pictures of the boys. They are getting so big!!!

  8. I would like to say this weeks’ “This and That” is the best so far. I liked every article of this compilation. Those cards are cool, Layering for a perfect smoothie is indeed a science. And those quotes are worth noting.
    And I forgot the most important one.. The “Churro Cake”!!! It looks fantastic. Thanks for the amazing post.

  9. Can Josh help explain why the ban on snowboards is positive? I am neither a skier nor snowboarder, so I don’t have an opinion. I was just curious for more perspective.


  10. Don’t cut his hair! It’s darling…and as you know from child #1, once those soft, baby, whisps are gone, they are replaced with the coarser ‘people’ hairs. As a mom of two teens, I say ‘hang on to it as long as you can!’