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1. Maria wanted Maxwell to get his haircut, so I took him to get one. I didn’t want to say goodbye to his curls, so I had the hair stylist leave them in the back. Maria was not happy about the mullet cut. I thought it looked good!

2. That is a long lineage of boys!

3. Tough week in sports, the Blackhawks lost and Curry got hurt. We hope Curry recovers soon! Go Warriors!

4. Parenting a bully?

5. We are about one month away from moving into our new house. We are excited!



1. Lilacs are probably my favorite thing about spring. They smell soooooooo good!

2. I want this cookbook and all of the cakes inside!

3. Keeping creativity alive.

4. So Josh took Maxwell to get his haircut while I was at the gym. I came home and my baby had a full on MULLET! I was not happy. Of course, I think Maxwell is a cutie pie no matter what, but the mullet was driving me crazy so I took my kitchen scissors and cut it off. He is going back to our hair stylist today so she can it fixed. Note-it wasn’t our hair stylist’s fault, Josh WANTED the mullet. He is crazy!

painting week-1

5. Our painting project with Sherwin-Williams went really well! We had a lot friends come and help and the school looks great! We will share more about the project during National Painting Week, which is May22-30th! Stay tuned!

6. What would go on your do not buy list?

7. I want a big bowl of this pasta.

8. Perfect for taking notes.

9. I can’t stop eating these. Send help!

10. The prettiest potatoes I have ever seen!


11. I am currently obsessed with the Mediterranean Salad at Aubergine & Company. It is soooooo good! If you live in Utah, run, don’t walk to try it! They have three locations in Utah. Everything is so healthy and fresh. I am addicted!

12. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! What are you doing this weekend? Any fun plans? My dad is coming to visit and we are all super excited!

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  1. I have a busy weekend with a neighborhood yard sale on Saturday followed by a pizza party and then a bridal shower on Sunday (which happens to also be my birthday)!

  2. Seriously, Josh,a mullet??!!! I would have done exactly the same thing , Maria. Maxwell was  adorable  with his baby curls but he  will look just  as adorable with his “big boy” styling. On another note, you both must be so excited about your upcoming move…and a bit frenzied too, I imagine!

  3. Love the post! Maxwell’s hair still looks cute! But I can’t wait to see it when he gets it cut again today! And Yes Maria Lilac’s do smell sooo good!  love you guys! Have a great weekend!  

  4. I love that you post pictures of flowers in your update. I love the pictures. They are beautiful. 
    So happy for you that you will be moving soon in your new house. I know you are excited and also know the work involved. Happy moving! 

  5. Josh, I think the haircut is cute. (but not getting mommy’s ok…not the best idea! LOL)
    Bummer the Blackhawks are out of the playoffs…how can that be?! I’m hoping Curry
    can come back when they (notice I said when, not if!) get to the finals! He is such a awesome player!
    Maria, I LOVE lilacs too. Every yearI look forward to them blooming in our yard.
    How exciting it must be with it so close to moving into your new house! I’m excited FOR you!

  6. Oh my gosh — that haircut. I am dying!! I was following along with your painting project on Snapchat. It looks great!!

  7. Awww….I have to agree with your hubster…Mazwelll’s baby curls where way too cute. It seems long hair is very in, especially with many pro baseball  players.  My hubby is growing his longer these days, Luv it! 

  8. Lol…poor Mzxwell…a mullett!  Glad that Maria took care of that…lol…
    Sorry Josh but my Blues beat the Blackhawks and I for one was jumping up and down for joy…of course now they’ve lost the first game to the Dallas Stars so I’m freaked out….lol…  
    I have to agree on the cookbook choice – I want a copy of that too! 
    Hope you have a great visit with your dad…can’t wait till you all move into your new house and hope you post lots of pictures

  9. I nearly died over the haircut. So funny! But horrible also. 😛  I’m glad you got it fixed. Time to put away baby things and let Max grow up!

    I went through the same emotions with my youngest who had hair way curlier than Maxwell. It’s hard to let go of the baby-ness but so good too. 🙂