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caleb hair

1. It was Caleb’s turn to get a haircut. I call this the “Bieberlicious” look.

2. What are your favorite kid apps or games for the iPad?

3. I want to do this.

4. I just got this case for my phone. I am trying to talk Maria into getting one, but she likes her pretty case better.

5. I also bought this case for our iPad. We need to keep it safe from the little rascals. Can you tell we are getting ready for a trip?



1. We took the boys to get ice cream cones and their smiles were worth the mess!

2. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Pass me the chips and guacamole! Check out all of our Cinco de Mayo recipes here!

3. Easy to make and easy to eat!

4. We are going to Maui for a family vacation with American Express and we are SO excited! Any suggestions on what we should see, do, and EAT? We’ve been to Maui, but it’s been a few years. Share your suggestions in the comments! Thanks!

5. Inspiring books. Love this list! And speaking of books, what should I read on the beach? I need a good, easy read!

6. This breakfast sandwich is everything!

7. Travel goals.

8. I got a new swimsuit. I am pretty sure they named it after me:) I also bought this hat…too much?

9. Love these tips for working at home.

10. Do you have any special Mother’s Day plans this weekend? Have a good one!

11. Follow me on Instagram and snapchat, twopeasandpod, for our trip updates!!

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  1. We have a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old and they LOVE any and all of the Monkey Lunchbox Apps as well as many of the Toca ones.

  2. Worth the Risk by Cathy Wilson is a fun, light read.  It’s a girlfriend kind of book with fun characters and dialogue.  Fast read and easy, nothing heavy.  

    Also, not sure if you follow the food blog, My Name is Yeh, but she just got back from Maui and has a couple posts on all she saw and ate.  Great blog, too, in general.

  3. Depending on where your staying in Maui, the Hulu grill is good, in Kaanapali, cafe o lei in Kihei, Paia fish market both in Paia and now in Kihei. Try doing a food tour, I recommend the one in Paia. The aquarium in Maalea harbor is fun, good restaurants there to eat at as well, we always eat at beach bum, bar and grill. 

  4. Maui is one of my favorite places ever. I highly recommend surfing lessons with Steve at Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy . Even kids can take these lessons. Than my other favorite find was the extra delicious banana bread right at the beginning on the road to Hana (now it has been 5 years since I’ve been so hopefully still there as I don’t have a name for it).

    Mostly it was just relaxing and you can’t beat the beach time. Enjoy!

  5. My favorite thing in Maui was the Baja grilled fish tacos from Maui Tacos in Kihei. Simple. Delicious.

    Also, there’s a shave ice place on the Honoapiilani HWY that we found on the way to ‘Iao Valley State Park. We took N. Kihei Road out north I guess (?) and turned right on Hohoapiilani HWY. A little way up the road on the left was a roadside place that is a smallish building with a cool old truck advertising fresh coconuts and shave ice. Sorry I can’t be more specific on the name, etc I was dumb and forgot to take a picture.

    My husband loves fresh coconuts so he was happy. The lady that runs the stand makes all her own shave ice flavorings from fruit she grows in her yard. I had a guava passion fruit shave ice. OMG. It was amazing.

  6. Sago mini apps are great. Mama’s Fish House is incredible but you may want to get a sitter.

  7. I almost forgot! We went to the Grand Luau at Honua’ula and it was amazing.


    It dinner and a show and was really fun.

    Be smarter than us and buy your tickets from Costco online if you can. They sell them for $85/adult instead of $99 like we paid.

  8. HA HA! I’m going to wear a Darth Vader suit on the train to work tomorrow. And wear it while eating a hamburger and using the Imperial john and playing with my Imperial bunny rabbit. Awesome.

    And, Maria, that hat is beautiful! I love sun hats and wish it wasn’t so danged windy in Salt Lake because I always have to buy hats with strings to hold them on. You’ll look terrific wearing it. Have fun in Maui.

  9. hey guys great  list! And Maria love that swimsuit and the hat is just perfect for the trip! And Caleb’s hair is just so cute! For Mother’s Day I’ll be going to church ( my husband is leaving that morning for Dallas for the week his work just thinks he needs a another certification ugh he’s in IT) And we are having a cook out that will be fun! Hopefully next year I’ll be celebrating myself for being a Mom! Have a great Weekend and Mother’s day! 

  10. MAUI: the water slides at the grand wailea hotel are amazing.  ALL your boys would love it!
    I think you can still get a day pass even if you don’t stay at the hotel.  it’s a blast.

  11. The Old Lahaina Luau was fantastic! It is one of the most authentic Hawaiin luaus on the island, and both the food and performances were wonderful. And if the two of you can sneak away, the Lahaina Grill makes for a romantic (and delicious!) dinner.

  12. Whatever you do DONT take the road to Hana. The driver comes back tense with facial tics from the stress.
    Nothing a massage and a stiff drink won’t cure though but two youngun’s wouldn’t be happy campers in the  car that long.

  13. I love Caleb’s hair cut – it’s so cute on him.  The picture of the boys eating ice-cream brings back memories from when I was a kid…lol…Love the look of that chocolate cake and it sure sounds easy and tasty!  I agree that the breakfast sandwich looks delish – not sure that pesto is something I want to eat in the am but maybe – I’m not sure what books to recommend to you – depends on if you want fiction or if you want non-fiction. I love the new swimsuit Maria got – it is classy and sexy at the same time. The hat is great – yes it’s large but you need to protect your face and skin from the sun.  Hope you got hats for the boys and dark sunglasses for both.  No special Mother’s Day plans – mom will be out of

  14. We were just there a month ago! Here are some of my recs from our last few trips-
    – Ulalanis Shave Ice (go when they open- it’s very popular)
    – Old Lahaina Luau (the best luau on the west side, totally worth the price tag for all that they include)
    – Tacos- Maui Fish Market or Coconuts Fish Cafe
    – Great family restaurants- Star Noodle (Lahaina), Koa (Lahaina- try to get a table next to the water!), Kimo’s (Lahaina), Sansei (Kapalua), Leoda’s (Olowalu- great pies too) & Da Kitchen (Kahalui- also perfect for your first meal when you fly in as it’s very close to the airport & rental cars, but closed Sundays)
    Have a great trip- can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  15. If you haven’t checked out the author “Karen White” yet, I recommend it. I’ve read Sea Change and The Time Between and both were extremely difficult to put down. The Time Between is maybe one of my new favorite books – I read it in one day and LOVED it.