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1. We went on a hike and the boys loved it. Maxwell had fun in the backpack and Caleb hiked the entire way all by himself. We can’t wait to go on another hike!

2. Great story! I really want to read the entire book, but it’s $700 a copy. This story will do for now.

3. I wonder if this really works.

4. I don’t know if there is any scientific validation to this, but it paints a good picture for the value of service and giving.

5. Maria loves Chip and Jo, she even went to Waco, and now I know why. This is a great article.




1. On Memorial Day, we went on a family hike. The boys had a blast and the view of Salt Lake City was beautiful!

2. I seriously need two slices of this cake.

3. I want this book.


4. This Brownie Heath shake from Iceberg in Salt Lake City is the real deal. I am still in an ice cream coma!

5. Love these cheap date ideas! Josh, I hope you are reading this one:)

6. My dream breakfast.

7. We are THRILLED the Warriors are in the NBA Finals! We will be cheering them on tonight!

8. I am going to Austin next week and I plan on eating my way through the city. I am going to start with this list. If you have any favorite places, let me know!

9. These bars. SO much YES!


10. Maxwell is ready for summer baseball!

11. Do you make a summer bucket list? If so, what is on your list this year? I am still working on my list. It is going to be GOOD! I am ready for a fun summer!

12. 10 Celebrity Kitchens, which one is your favorite?

13. I am going to take a break from our weekly meal plans this summer. Don’t worry, you can search the archives for dinner ideas. There are 70 meal plans to choose from! You can also search our Recipe Index for dinner inspiration. And when all else fails, eat watermelon and sweet corn for dinner:) If you guys miss the meal plans, I will start them back up in the fall. Let me know!

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  1. In Austin, definitely go to Perla’s, especially if you love oysters!  Torchy’s for tacos is a must,  and you absolutely MUST go to the flagship Whole Foods on Lamar and dedicate an hour to browsing.  The fresh cooked food stands in there are delicious too.  Teo’s for gelato.  Making me miss Austin now!

    1. I have been to the Whole Foods and it is paradise! I have to go again! That gelato is going on the list for sure! Thanks!

  2. Benji’s Cantina for brunch on Sunday! Awesome Sopapilla French Toast, build your own taco bar, king ranch casserole, migas and of course…..bottomless mimosas for 12.00!!!

  3. Great pic of the hike and what an accomplishment for Caleb to have walked it himself the whole way. I’m interested in finding out about the “natural” bug repellent too – let us know if you try it. No summer bucket list for me – just trying to organize myself will be all I can manage…lol…I’m torn on the celebrity kitchens between Ellen Degeneres and Julianne Moore’s kitchens…lol…Have a great time in Austin!

  4. It looks like a gas station, but the best BBQ we had was at Rudy’s in Austin. The brisket was awesome ! The smoked chicken, creamed corn and baby potatoes were super also. Also there’s a Mexican restaurant called Trudy’s ironically enough that had awesome queso especial!!

  5. I missed the interview with Chip & Joanna, so enjoyed reading it.  They truly have it together and are a class act.  I want to be neighbors with them

  6. great list! That hike looks amazing! Glad y’all had fun! Maria -my favorite kitchen would have to be Lauren Conrad’s! So pretty! I don’t have many plans this Summer, but my birthday is next week and I always look forward to that!

  7. They just opened a Snooze in Austin! We visited the Snooze in San Diego last summer and loved their pancakes and French toast! So good!!! Can’t wait to eat there again…hoping the Houston one opens this summer too!

  8. Welcome to Austin! I love Fabi+Rosi! You should definitely eat there if you have time. The atmosphere is great, too!

  9. Just found your site and looking forward to trying your recipes….

    Fellow Warriors Lover……yay…just won 1st game in championship series

  10. Just found your site and looking forward to trying many of them!

    Fellow Warriors Fan….yay…just won 1st championship game

  11. Thank you so much for the shout out lovely lady! And thank you also to that celebrity kitchen link because DAMMMM there are some nice kitchens on that list! I’m leaning towards John Mellencamp, but Meg Ryan’s is so nice! xx

  12. I can ALREADY tell you the meal plans will be missed 😉 start them back up in the fall, pretty please?!? Enjoy your summer! I know you and your family will have a blast ❤️

  13. Please start up the meal plans again! I just discovered them a few weeks ago and have relied on them each week to get me inspired. I was so lost last night when there wasn’t a new one posted. I’d think you could get an idea of how many visitors you’re getting to those pages through the site analytics – I hope it proves to be a lot!

    1. I am glad you are using the meal plans. I am taking the summer off, but will probably start them back up in the fall. You can use our old meal plans in the archives, there are 70 weeks! And make sure you check out our recipe index. We have LOTS of dinner ideas:)