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caleb and maria

1. Love these faces!

2. This is sad and scary!

3. Wow! This is awesome and hopefully it works!

4. Unsupervised kids, what are your thoughts? I do love the movie Goonies.

5. I take a lot of pictures of the boys, but never print them. I want one of these printers so I can start printing photos from my phone.



1. I am SO excited because I am headed to Austin today! I am meeting up with Ali and we are going to the ATX Festival. I am a HUGE Friday Night Lights fan and tomorrow we are going to the Friday Night Lights Tailgate party on Panther Field. It is going to be SO much fun! Oh, and we are going to eat our way through Austin, so make sure you are following me on snapchat, twopeasandpod, and on Instagram! Texas Forever!

2. I am SO making these!

3. Which counter stools should I buy for our kitchen. These or these? I love them both and can’t decide. Our kitchen is going to be white with hard wood floors. HELP!


4. We went out for donuts in our pj’s on National Donut Day! I love an excuse to eat donuts, but who comes up with all of these food holidays? There is a day for everything!

5. Get organized. I need these tips!

6. Ruffles. Love this dress!

7. Love this twist on traditional S’mores!

8. New emojis! Finally an avocado!

9. We are cheering on the Warriors! I love the whole team, but Curry has my heart:) Last night’s game was rough to watch, but hopefully they pull it together.

10. This pie is too pretty to eat. No really, it is GORGEOUS!

11. I started watching The West Wing on Netflix because I am going to a panel with some of the cast in Austin this weekend and it is such a great show. I don’t know why it has taken me this long to watch it!

12. I am SO excited for this cookbook. You can pre-order it now!

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This and That

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  1. Great picture of Maria and Caleb – he looks so sweet! Very sad about the girl and the energy drinks but I have long thought that they were dangerous. I can’t wait to see Maria’s pictures from her Austin trip…it sounds like it’s going to be a blast – especially the eating their way through Austin part…lol.
    I like the ruffled dress too but would want it in another color – the pie is gorgeous! And I agree too pretty to eat. I loved the West Wing – it was a must see for me when it was originally on. The repeats when I catch them are great – I should start over and watch on Netflix from the beginning. Have a great weekend guys!

  2. What color are your kitchen cabinet pulls?  Also your counters?  If they are black, I’d go with the black leather stools.

  3. Great post! Love ya’ll. Maria have fun in Austin! Love that dress to ,and the s’mores and that pie look amazing! Yummy

  4. Unsupervised kids: I think there needs to be a limit. Maybe sending them with the neighbor kid or a sibling. Or they can only go alone on your street.
    Bar stools: It depends on what the main colors/themes are in your home, but I love the black.
    Ruffle dress: Very flapper style in my opinion. Would be super cute with a cute braided updo! 🙂

  5. I love the warmth of the brown and think it might be a good contrast with all the black and white of the rest of the room. It also will compliment the warmth of the floor and table. The black is a good second choice too though. I wish I had seen these before we had ours made. They’re beautiful but not as stable as I had hoped for little ones sitting on them.

  6. Definitely the brown. They look so luxurious. The black just seems blah to me. Love the ruffle dress, gotta make a trip to Target. Have a great summer.