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1. The boys ran out the door after bath time the other night and started chasing each other. We didn’t even have time to put Maxwell’s pajamas on. They eventually wore themselves out!

2. I was really sad with the outcome of the Warriors game, but even more disappointed with how people treated Ayesha Curry, Steph’s wife. I think she should be celebrated for sticking up for her husband. Good luck next year Steph and the Warriors. We are still big fans!

3. Interesting.

4.  Is anyone looking forward to the summer Olympics starting in just over a month? If so, what are your favorite events?

5. The boys are dying to see this movie! Every time the preview comes on they go crazy!


Father's Day

1. We had a great Father’s Day! We spoiled Josh with cookies, pizza, and love! I love my handsome guys!

2. Pretty pops!

3. I love this simple summer dress!

4. 25 parenting hacks. I might have to try some of these!

5. We started watching season 2 of Bloodline on Netflix, but we are both underwhelmed. Is anyone watching? Does season 2 get better? I sure hope so!

6. I love everything chocolate hazelnut and this cake is DREAMY!

7. The Eater Guide to the Whole Entire World! Wow, so many places I need to visit!

8. Things that make me happy!

9. Summer dessert perfection!


10. Lonestar is my favorite place to get tacos in Salt Lake City and their guacamole is everything!

11. Black and white. YES!

12. SO excited about my friend Becky’s new cookbook! Check it out!

13. I am going to Boston today for a fun girls weekend! Follow along on snapchat, twopeasandpod, and Instagram! I am taking this book on the plane. Anyone read it?

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  1. The dress is so pretty! I don’t know how I could wear white without getting something all over it but truly gorgeous!

  2. Enjoy your trip to Boston. I just heard the local weather report…perfect weather forecast… so  tripping around our amazing city should be fun. I hope you take in the  newly developed Seaport area, the Rose Kennedy Greenway and of course, the Back Bay and Newbury Street.

  3. Big Warriors fan here too! Very disappointed in the last few games but they’ll be back, I love those guys!

    Bloodline season 2 was good, not as good as the first season. I’m actually not even sure they’ll bring it back for a 3rd?

    My favorite Olympic events are pretty typical: track and field, gymnastics, swimming.

  4. Please do a post about your trip to Boston! We are considering a trip there and would love to hear about what you end up doing…have fun!!!

  5. Hi! Stick with Season 2 of Bloodline!! It is awesome to see the Rayburn family completely unravel:)

  6. I am not a Warriors or a Cavaliers fan but enjoyed watching the games. I could not disagree more about Steph Curry’s wife though. In my opinion, good sportsmanship doesn’t stop at the players but extends to the players families and fans. My respect will always be with those that take the high road which isn’t always easy.

    Great book-you will enjoy it.
    Have an awesome trip!!

    Always love seeing pictures of the boys:)