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1. Ice cream cone buddies! They wouldn’t share with me.

2. Drink more water.

3. The things people do to cheat. Anyone watching the Tour de France?


4. Sneak peek at our house! We hope to move in next week!


ice cream cone

1. I told you it was my life goal to try all of Tillamook’s new super premium flavors and my life is complete! I did it! I tried them all! So which one was my favorite? Man, that is a tough question, I loved them ALL! You really can’t go wrong, but I especially loved the Salted Caramel Toffee Farmstyle Gelato, Speculoos Cookie Caramel Extra Creamy Ice Cream, and the Toasted Coconut Fudge Farmstyle Gelato. Insider tip, when you can’t decide on a flavor, have a scoop of each:)

2. This fresh and healthy salad will be happening SOON!

3. Who has an Instant Pot? Do I need one?

4. It’s been 20 years? Crazy! I loved watching all of these girls. And I am SUPER excited for this year’s Fierce Five.

5. How female leaders spend their first hour at work.

6. Taste the rainbow.

7. I just bought this for my new office. Love it!

8. Did you guys see this pie? It is my new favorite dessert and I really think you need to make it this weekend.

9. Loved this book, reading this book, and I want this cookbook.


10. I made a batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies. SO good!

11. Josh and I are in Portland right now and headed to Cannon Beach this weekend. Any restaurant recommendations for us? Follow our trip on snapchat, twopeasandpod!

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This and That

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  1. Hi Maria,

    We love our Instant Pots and we use everyday!! 😀
    Have fun in Portland and hope your move next week will go smoothly! 🙂


  2. Love the list! O know I can’t believe it’s been 20 years! That was the year I graduated high school! ha

  3. The Irish Table. Excelent food especially the bread they give you. I also second Sleeping Monk coffee. Best coffee in OR.

  4. Please get an Instant Pot and post recipes. I need more reputable bloggers to follow, not just the average Joe that makes their recipe once and calls it the best thing in the world.

    We got one a few weeks ago and have used it to make beets, steel cut oats, pork roast and brown rice. Love it so far!

  5. This post inspired me to the cookbook Toast. Can’t wait for it to come in! I’ll let you know what I think about it! Enjoy your trip! xoxo

  6. Cheating is such a strange thing. I can kind of understand it as a desperation move, like if you didn’t have time to learn everything for a test. But to plan it out months in advance, spend lots of money on it and incorporate it into your preparation? Wha?

  7. I second the recommendation for the Irish Table in Cannon Beach (only open for dinner). It’s always a must-do for us. Sea Level Bakery makes excellent pastries and the Lazy Susan restaurant serves wonderful berry scones with their breakfasts. Now I’m hungry! Enjoy your stay on the Oregon Coast!

  8. Sorry Josh but I probably would not have shared the ice-cream either…lol…Love the pic of your new house and I really hope you guys can move in next week – I know you are all excited about it and there’s just something great about being able to “go home” and know it’s really your home. The Peanut Butter Pretzel Ice Cream Pie look amazing and I know I’m going to have to break down and try it.

    Both Dollbaby and The Kitchen House sound like amazing books – adding both of them to my list. I’ve seen the cookbook featured a couple of places but not sure I’m intrigued enough to buy it…lol…Have a great time in Portland

  9. I live in Arizona, but anytime we visit Portland we go to Pine State Biscuits. Absolutely delicious! Check it out!

  10. I was just there last week! I highly recommend the Cannon Beach Cafe: order the Brie chicken sandwich- it was fabulous! Also Castaways was very good as well ! Enjoy

  11. I bought an Instant Pot last summer and love it. The 6 qt size is perfect for a full dinner for two and works great for a single item dish for 4 to 6 people depending on appetite. Mostly I do one pot dinners. For a family of 4 you may want the 10 qt if you want to replace a crock pot and have some leftovers as you must leave about 1/3 empty space. Love it for one pot – saute, brown items then add others items to finish. It has really improved dinners at our house when I get home late afternoon and still want a full dinner. Just add a salad. My husband’s idea of dinner is meat, vegetables and starch plus salad.

  12. Cannon Beach is a favorite place for us.  Try Insomnia coffee (so good!) and Lazy Susan’s.  Just south of Cannon Beach is a town called Manzanita and Wanda’s is a great breakfast/lunch spot.  

  13. Doogers is a short drive away in Seaside and we love their seafood. There used to be one in Cannon Beach but it closed. One thing we love is their clam chowder that is thickened with potatoes and is gluten free. So I can enjoy it too since I have Celiac Disease. Love a bath of sweet potato fries with it.

  14. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for recommending Dollbaby, I loved it! I put The Kitchen House on my reading list! If you are looking for another good book, check out The Midwife of Hope River by Patricia Harman.

    Thanks for all your great posts!!!

  15. Yummy ice cream for this hot summer. Your boys are so cute and are getting big.
    Congrats on your new home.