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clear pepsi

1. I saw this yesterday in a gas station and it brought back a lot of memories. This was a huge fad when I was young. Do any of you remember this drink? Is it making a comeback?

2. How our boys kill time at the airport.

3. Novak Djokovik cracks me up!

4. Our boys loved watching Usain Bolt race in the Olympics. They have been running all over the place pretending to be just as fast.



1. We had a great time on our trip to Idaho. Come back tomorrow to read all about it! And hopefully you watched some of our trip clips on Instagram Stories. Are you loving it yet? I am having fun with it.

2. Super excited about this cookbook!

3. I am still glued to the Olympics. There have been so many great events and shining moments. What am I going to do when the games are over? I guess go back to Netflix. I haven’t had time to watch Stranger Things. I am dying to know what happens!

4. I am screaming for this ice cream!

5. Currently reading this book.

6. I want this pot and it’s on sale. Score!

7. I love these pretty and refreshing drinks.

8. Lots of love for this salad!

9. My 8-year old self loves this French toast.

10. I HAVE to make these cookies, like right now!

11. I bought this mirror for our entryway and I love it! I promise house pictures are coming soon. We have been traveling a lot and haven’t had time to get settled. SOON!

12. This sandwich has been happening almost every day. Love it!

13. And this is our 200th This and That post! We hope you are enjoying them!

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  1. Caleb & Maxwell at the airport is adorable and priceless. Those boys are already well trained for sure.
    Josh, I believe the Crystal Pepsi is a limited addition. I was never a fan but I guess it was popular enough to bring back for a short time.
    Congrats on your 200th This and That! 

  2. Oh, my gosh, what a nice guy! I loved that video of Djokovik sitting with the ball boy and giving him a bottle of water. Come sit with me, you’re not my servant. I’ll hold the umbrella. Love him!

  3. The video of the boys at the airport was very cute – I missed watching Bolt race but have been watching a lot of th other events at the Olympics and wish they would show more of the other events that they just talk about like the Judo, the Fencing and the Greco=Roman Wrestling. While I love the swimming, the gymnastics, and the track an field – I would gladly have done without the beach vollyball – which I don’t consider a sport but a vacation pastime – and the badmitten, ping pong, tennis and golf which I feel have their own events. I just feel like some of the events are overlooked because they are not popular with mainstream media but if they showed them maybe they would become popular.
    My adult self pretty much loves French Toast of any kind….lol…have not read anything by Erin Hildebrand – i think i might have one of her books but just haven’t had time to jump on it. I love the mirror you bought for your entryway – very nice.

  4. Maria, I hope you see this because I don’t know how else to direct this to your attention. I think your Facebook has been hacked, there are posts by “”.  If you have been posting these, please disregard this comment. I only see them on my news feed and not when I go to your Facebook page. 

    And congrats on the 200th post. 🙂 

    1. Emily,

      I saw those too! I sent her screen shots via messenger but no response (didn’t expect one). Glad to know I’m not the only one who saw them!

    2. We are working with Facebook to fix this issue. Thank you for letting us know! Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thank you for your patience! 

  5. Has anyone ever mentioned using your lovely pictures for their home screen on their computer? I’m a fairly new subscriber and I love those pictures.  Kinda sad getting rid of those cherry tomatoes from last week.
    Thanks for good recipes and a very enjoyable blog.  

  6. Do you want to know how cool Josh is? I texted him last night to see where he found that Crystal Pepsi (I’ve been missing it for 20 years). He said that he couldn’t remember where he saw it, but he’d let me know. Well, he did one better by showing up at my house this morning with four bottles of Crystal Pepsi for me. How cool is that? Thanks, Josh! You rule!