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chair lift

1. We went to the Montage Deer Valley and had a blast. It’s a great place for a family vacation.


2. Caleb climbed up here all on his own and just started taking in the majesty of the mountains. This was great because the photo was not staged. I just captured this raw moment. I am glad our boys are loving the mountains as much as I do.

3. Would you eat this butter?

4. This was funny.

5. Novak Djokovik, week 2. I love this guy.

6. Being up at the Montage Deer Valley made me excited for ski season. I love these skis.



1. Last weekend, we went to the Montage Deer Valley for a little staycation. We had the best time. We went hiking, rode the chair lift, hung out at the pool, went bowling, made s’mores, and ate lots and lots of good food. The boys had a blast. They even got to meet Parker, Montage’s bernese mountain dog. We need to staycation more often.

2. I finished this book, what should I read next? I have heard good things about this book. Anyone read it?

3. I’ve used up all of our zucchini because I can’t stop making these cookies, but I need to get some more because I want to make this bread! Anyone want to share?

4. I am sad the Olympics are over, but I am kind of glad that I can get to bed at a reasonable hour. I was staying up way too late. It’s back to Netflix and my normal bed time! Does anyone know when the new TV seasons start? I am ready for some new shows.

5. This salad is just peachy.

6. I want a fiddle leaf tree, but I am scared I will kill it. They are not cheap trees so I am thinking about buying this fake one. It is pricey, but at least it will be guaranteed for life. Do you think it looks real enough?

7. This frosting makes me happy.

8. Fun spatulas that help end childhood hunger in America. I want them all!

9. This is going on our dinner menu.

10. Go long!

11. Question, did you miss our Weekly Meal Plans over the summer? Do you want to see them back on the blog this fall? Let me know!

12. Get out a pen and paper and start writing.

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  1. Maria! Thanks so much for the love. Also, so interesting about the bog butter that Josh linked too. I had no idea people buried butter — haha! 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  2. Caleb is growing up to be such a little man – he is so cute. Love the pic of the family – very nice. Do you and Maria create journals with the pictures you take? How do you store them? I would not eat that butter….lol…I loved the piece with Novak Djokovik and Ellen – it made me smile and laugh.
    Maria – I have heard great things about It Ends With Us but have not had a chance to read it yet – if you do read it would you give us a “book report/review”? Have you thought of doing that? I have to admit that I am not a zuchini fan – I will eat it in some things but I don’t go looking for it…lol…I think you should get the real fiddle leaf tree and give it a try – if it starts to look sickly you can always take it back to the nursery and have them help you with it – I was scared of growing a plant on my desk but finally listened to my co-workers and they helped me learn to keep it looking good and it has already grown so much that I’ve had to cut it back several times and I am constantly starting plants off of it for others all of the time – the spatulas are adorable but I have so many that I might just give the cost of 2 or 3 as a contribution instead of ordering them….lol

  3. Hey ya’ll love the list! Maria- I love Beverly Lewis books they are awesome! She writes mostly Amish. I bought the Post Card the other day at Goodwill! Can’t wait to read it!

  4. Currently reading Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica. Pretty good. Also heard Lilac Girls and Everything We Keep are good reads!

  5. I will leave some zucchini on your porch, some picked a few days ago and some today, go spongy fast in this hot weather! Also some Armenian long cucumbers, they grow faster than zucchini!, maybe you can figure out something for them. Pickled? Creamy salad? We eat them with Café Rio dressing, yum.

  6. I recommend the Glassblower for your next read:

  7. Looks like a fun get away, we needs these in out life’s. Love the spatulas, for a great cause.
    The fiddle tree looks good ,but the pot is too small. I’m sure you can find a great container.
    Thanks for the post. Mara

  8. My friend told me about this peach and tomato salad and I thought it sounded strange. So glad I tried it. It is now one of our favorites when our tomatoes are ripe and there are local fresh peaches. Cut up peaches and tomatoes topped with some crumbled blue cheese then drizzled with balsamic vinegar. I have been using cherry balsamic. I have also used feta cheese.