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1. Over the weekend, we made a bunch of homemade pizzas and watched football with friends. I am happy the Utes and Patriots won and the Chiefs comeback was awesome!

2. Love this idea and it was designed by a teen.


3. Look at those curls.

4. Maxwell loves walking Caleb to school. He insists on wearing a backpack every day and he waits in the classroom until Caleb finds his seat. Yesterday, he yelled, “have a good day brother.” Caleb ran over and gave him a big hug. Brothers are the best.

5. I need a new ski helmet and I am looking at this one. Anyone have a favorite?



1. We shared pictures of our new kitchen this week! Thanks for all of your comments on the post. We are loving our new space.

2. Cupcake perfection!

3. My favorite tote now comes in navy!! I need it. I am also loving the crossbody bag. I think I need it too. I am in a major navy phase right now.

4. Love these simple life hacks.

5. That GLAZE!

6. I have a crush on Michael Phelps and loved watching his Lip Sync Battle. He killed it!

7. I am so excited for fall clothes. This jacket, this cardigan, this sweater, this sweatshirt, and these booties all need to be in my closet.

8. Have you seen the trailer for The Girl on the Train movie? Whoa! It looks pretty intense. I loved the book so I have to see the movie. I am excited Allison Janney is in it.

9. The best fall dessert I’ve seen so far!

10. I made this slow cooker soup this week. I am so happy it’s soup season! What soups do you want to see on the blog this fall? Tell me now, because I am ready to get cooking.

11. Total transformation.

12. These delivery fails made me laugh.

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  1. Homemade pizzas are the best, I’m totally drooling right now! And having a new kitchen is such a great luxury, can’t wait to see what recipes will come out of that… Woohoo!

  2. I absolutely love the app that young lady designed. Such  a  simple yet amazing idea. She will change the lives of a lot of kids. Also, the delivery fail piece…hilarious. 

  3. I love that picture of Maxwell and the story about him walking Caleb to school every day just about made me cry – I swear your kids are like my adopted cyber kids – they are so cute and so loving towards one another – a good example that childhood rivalry doesn’t have to exist when the parents are loving towards both kids. I think that “Sit” app for the lunchroom is simply genius! I remember dreading lunch hour at school because I wasn’t one of the “cool and popular kids”.
    Maria – I love the tote in Navy – it is gorgeous – not big on the crossbody bag but that’s just not my style. The lifestyle hacks are pretty good ideas – and I’m definitely going to incorporate some of them – still need to clean out my closet though.
    I love soups with beans so any stovetop or crockpot soups with beans would be great

  4. Ha ha! I once had a UPS guy leave a package against the garage door, which is fine I guess, except he left it right where a car would drive through. Luckily I opened the garage and walked out to throw something in the garbage can or I would have backed right over it. (head shaking)