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1. Maxwell loves wearing his Curious George mask. Silly kid!

2. The worst things in the world.

3. The Utes are 2-0 and they play USC tomorrow night. We will be watching. GO UTES!

4. News notifications, too much?


5. Maria isn’t going to like this picture, ha!! I think I should bring this look back.



1. Happy first day of fall! How are you celebrating? I think I will make my favorite slow cooker butternut squash soup for dinner…and salted caramel apple crumb bars for dessert.

2. This is one beautiful cookbook! I can’t put it down.

3. I watched this movie on the airplane this week. Loved it, but boy was it sad and I didn’t have any tissues. My seat mates were probably wondering what was wrong with me.

4. So I told you how I am obsessed with RXBARS, well I just tried the Pumpkin Spice flavor and it gets two thumbs up too! I am going to be snacking on these all fall!

5. Holy bananas!

6. Did you watch the new TV show, This is US on NBC? I am hooked. Yay for a new show! The Grey’s season premiere is on tonight. I will be watching because for some reason I just can’t quit this show.

7. Tell me where I can find artificial house plants that look real. I love real plants, but I just can’t keep them alive. I already killed one. There has to be some fake ones that don’t look fake. Any suggestions?

8. This cookbook came out this week and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

9. You can see our latest Facebook video here and read more about our kitchen here.

10. These DIY Halloween costumes are so fun!

11. This house is incredible!

12. I am participating in Dorie Greenspan’s #cookiesandkindness project. Make the world a sweeter place and join in on the fun! You can find all of the details here.

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  1. I watched This Is Us and I have to say, I totally missed what was happening until the fireman showed up at the nursery window. Even then , it took me a few minutes to process the whole forward/backward element of this show. 
    I know NBC will run the pilot again sometime this week…the networks seem to do this with shows they want people to buy in to.  I want to watch  for all the subtle clues…I know there are probably many…that point to the twist at the end. 
    Just curious, did you see the twist coming?
    Finally, Josh, I hope you will be sending super  supportive thoughts towards Gillette tonight. If the Pat’s  manage  to pull off a win, it will be epic. I just read that Edelman is the back-up QB and that he has been practicing just in case…yikes!

  2. Caleb looks so cute in his hat! I have to agree with Maria on the hair – don’t bring it back ……..
    I would love to watch the movie “Me Before You” but I know it’s going to be a huge tearjerker so it’s a no go for me right now…lol…I love what they did with th Windsong Project house – simply amazing! No big plans for the firsst day of fall

  3. Ugh, those ARE the worst things in the world! The ones where the frosting/coating peel off fill me with grief. And WHY do bakeshop people insist on putting the frosted cookie under the plain cookie in the bag so the frosting gets smashed? It makes me want to punch and kick.

  4. Sometimes you can find reasonably price realistic fake plants at Ikea. (Shhh…we have a couple on our deck outside. Low Maintenance 😉 )