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1. The boys love watching the sunset. I love these moments of peace and quiet.

2. I decided to cheer for the Cubs with Maria. It has been a good series so far. If they make it to the World Series, I really want Maria to go with her dad. He is a lifelong Cubs fan.


3. Maxwell woke up extra early this week and made pancakes. They were actually pretty good. He had a little help:)

4. We are starting to do some video for the blog. What are you guys interested in seeing? The quick and easy videos that just show hands? Full on cooking/baking videos? Lifestyle videos? Home tours? Travel videos? Let us know! And we are looking for a part time video producer. If you have experience with video, and know your way around the kitchen, email us and we can discuss the details. Thanks!


5. Utah is a beautiful place. I love where we live.


1. I am currently crushing on succulents! They are so pretty and easy to take care of. I bought a beautiful succulent centerpiece for our dining room table from Cactus and Tropicals in Salt Lake City. That store is my happy place. If you live in Utah, you have to go!

2. Fall pasta perfection!


3. Go Cubbies! I love my little Cubs fans! Last night’s game was awesome! I hope they can keep winning!

4. I need this cheese board for holiday entertaining. I also am loving this top and this candle. I need to stay away from Anthro!

5. A big bowl of comfort.

6. Last week, I went to Cincinnati for a blogging event with Kroger and we learned about ClickList, a program where you can order your groceries online and pick up at the store. We tried it at our local Smith’s and it is awesome. I ordered the groceries on my laptop in my pj’s, scheduled a time for pick up, and sent Josh to the store. The associate loaded the groceries in the van and we got everything we needed without even going into the store. The produce was perfect too. I had a little anxiety about someone else picking out my produce, but they did a fab job:) Look for ClickList at a Kroger store near you!

7. Craving cupcakes.

8. Stripes! This is going into my Nordy cart!

9. I am not waiting until Tuesday to make these tacos.

10. My favorite fall appetizer!

11. I can’t wait to dive into this book!! I just love them!

12. I am in Park City for the Better Blog Retreat. Make sure you follow along on Instagram and snapchat, twopeasandpod. There will be lots of food and fun going on!

The ClickList conversation is sponsored by Kroger. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Love your lists! Can’t wait to see your picks from Anthro – the link is not working for me…error message says “unsupported”?

  2. So so sweet that pic of your boys and the sunset! Yes to the videos. I love your recipes but where you live seems perfect for travel type videos. Go cubs, 2 and 2, eep!!!

  3. Just one opinion. I love to read blog posts and try new recipes but most of the time will not open videos. I prefer my notepad to be ‘sound off’ and prefer the pictures and text. Occasionally, if a recipe really needs to be video I may watch it. Same for travel blogs, I never open the video.

  4. That is a beautiful sunset and I can understand why the boys enjoy looking forward to seeing them. It was very sweet of Maxwell and his helper to make pancakes! I do hope the Cubs make it to the series and it would be great if Maria and her dad could go. If they go Maria will need to do lots of Instagram and Snapchat. We don’t have a Kroger store in our area anymore and I really miss them. I need to see if our local grocery does online ordering. Hope you all have a great weekend….keep up the great work.

  5. I really look forward to your this and that post!
    The boys look so cute in their cub shirts! Go CUBS!
    That game last night was soo exciting! 

  6. Love the picture of the boys watching the sunset. Such an awww moment.

    I would enjoy travel videos and quick cooking clips. 🙂

  7. Cincinnati?  I live in Cincinnati!   We have had Clicklist for a while.  Sometimes it’s great-sometimes not so great.  I have never used it, but my daughter has.  It’s convenient when you have small children.  One time she pulled 10 $1.00 bags of potato chips out of her bags!  She never found out if she added that extra zero!

    1. I loved Cincinnati. I hope to come back! ClickList is a lifesaver if you have little ones!

  8. That Anthro tunic is super-cute! I may have to go on the hunt for a lookalike pattern. And buy some fabric. And then never make it. Because that’s generally how I roll. But maybe there needs to be a way to block websites you decide you should stay away from. Like you can block channels on your TV. Someone with way more technical ability than me (which is pretty much everybody) needs to get on that. But I call the idea, so I get a cut.

  9. I always enjoy your posts!   
    Concerning types of videos I like; I enjoy the quick videos, saves me time and I’m always interested in your home and the area near you.  It looks so beautiful.  

  10. Yeah, Maria can’t wait to see your cooking video’s !
    Next stop Foodnetwork..( just let your kids cook with you. I think that is where Ree Drummond missed the mark!

  11. hey ya’ll great post! Love the pics of the boys! So cute! can’t wait to see videos about everything is fine with me! And Maria I just got my Magnolia book yesterday (ordered it Tuesday from Amazon) and it is so good! Love it! Ya’ll have a great weekend!