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1. Our Halloween pumpkins! Caleb picked out the designs this year. He wanted the scary tree for himself and the cat for Maxwell.

2. The softer side of Marshawn.


3. Caleb got some fake mustaches from his Grandma and wanted to wear one with his Hawaiian shirt to school. I told him he looked like Magnum P.I.

4. Ask the kids.

5. Epic baseball game last night. Yay Cubs!



1. We let the boys pick out our Halloween costumes again this year. It is our family tradition. This year, Josh was Mr. Gorilla and I was Darth “Mom.” The boys actually call me Darth Mom on a regular basis so the costume was very fitting…I guess:) Maxwell was Batman and Caleb was a shark. We had a good time! Our boys love Halloween. Now what do we do with all of this candy? I think I will make brownies and cookies and hide the rest. Maybe popcorn too:)

2. I am still on a high from the Cubs BIG win last night! It was a stressful seven games, but they DID IT! I grew up going to Cubs games at Wrigley Field and I am SO happy they won. I will be smiling for days. Fly the W!

3. I was sick all weekend and barely left my bed. The only good part was watching endless hours of Netflix and finally getting some well needed sleep. I am happy to be back on my feet this week.

4. My kind of comfort food.

5. Shades of grey.

6. This stuff looks addicting.

7. Beautiful home.

8. This tart is DREAMY!

9. I am intrigued by these brownies. I have to try them.

10. My 2017 is already filling up, how is that happening? I don’t even have a planner or calendar for the new year yet. Any suggestions on what to get? I am a pen and paper kind of gal. I need to find something soon!

11. Bread you can eat with a spoon. YES!

12. This cookbook came in the mail this week and the boys are begging for me to make the cake on the cover! It looks so fun. I will have to make it for them…and for me:)

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This and That

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  1. Sorry you were sick all weekend! But love the Halloween costumes, I confess, I love adults who dress up for Halloween with their kids, it’s so fun. Our neighbors had these floppy dinosaur costumes and they just made me laugh so hard, we all need that from time to time =) 

  2. Yeahhh Cubs! So excited for them, too. I LOVE my Day Designer a ton if you’re looking for a good daily planner (it has monthly calendars, but also pages for daily schedules and to-do lists).

  3. Love your costumes! You should have heard the fireworks going off here in the Chicago area last night. What a thrill indeed!!!

  4. Caleb is too cute with the mustache! I stayed up to watch the Cubs win and it was nerve wracking but worth it! Love the grey booties – I am home sicker than a dog myself now – so I hope you all stay healthy the rest of this fall!

  5. Thanks for the story about Marshawn and Ricardo. It was horrifying to watch his injury occur. We MISS them, our Seahawks are an amazing group and contribute so much to our community outside football games.
    Love Caleb’s moustache, beware though the real ones come too fast!!!!

  6. Proud you are feeling better. Neat Halloween picture of the four of you. Not a Seahawks fan but what a good deed was done for family and and friend.

  7. Hi there! I’m a new visitor to the Blog! I love your costumes…my hubby and I didn’t get dressed this year (or any year) mainly because we’re not super-passionate about Halloween (my husband grew up in Italy where they didn’t celebrate, so it means nothing to him, lol!). Now that the kids are starting to understand Halloween, I promised myself that we would dress up next year FOR SURE!

  8. Darth Mom? LOVE IT! You sound seriously in charge 🙂 Thanks so much for linking to my brownies too!!! xo