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1. The boys love sword fighting with glow sticks.

2. I look forward to this every year. Always good laughs.

3. I wasn’t in a marching band, but I guess I should have been.

4. Secrets of irresistible people.

5. The election is over and I hope we can come together as a country now. God bless America.



1. It’s been a rough week with daylight savings time and the election. I am glad tomorrow is Friday.

2. I haven’t been able to put down Dorie’s Cookies. I want to make every single recipe. I guess I better put down the book and start baking.

3. Excited about this soup.

4. This rustic cooling rack is…cool.

5. This tart is a beauty!

6. I wish Kris Bryant was my Lyft driver. If he picked me up I wouldn’t be able to control myself. I would be a total fan girl:)

7. Make your holiday guests feel at home.

8. How to style a bookshelf.

9. Getting out my slow cooker to make this.

10. I am sad there wasn’t a new episode of This is Us this week, but it just hit me that Jack is Jess from Gilmore Girls. I knew he looked familiar! I was always on team Jess. Speaking of Gilmore Girls, only a few more weeks until we can watch the revival on Netflix! Yay!

11. Make sure you sign up for our free email newsletter! Our November email is going out next week and you don’t want to miss it!

12. Have you started planning your Thanksgiving menu? Make sure you check out our Thanksgiving recipe index. There are LOTS of tasty turkey day recipes, everything from appetizers to desserts! I need to narrow down our menu. I want to make them all:)

13. Mini muffins that are almost too cute to eat!

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  1. I love the picture of the boys playing with the “light swords”…it’s so cute and something my nephews did when they were that age. I love the look of “Dorie’s Cookies”…just don’t know if I can justify another cookie book…lol…that slow cooker Apple Crisp looks amazing and I will definitely be making it soon. The video with Kris Bryant made me laugh – since I’m a Cardinals fan, I wouldn’t have recognized him but would have gotten a kick out of the adventure.

  2. Tough week, daylight savings! Ugh! Always love the annual ” I ate your candy” poor babies life is tough.
    Soup, soup, soup ! Can’t wait to try new recipes, we live on it all winter yum!
    As ever the boy’s are adorable.

  3. Agreed. The election was like a personalized bomb going off for everyone, one way or another. But it’s done now, so I guess we need to give Donald Trump a chance and see how he does. Our government is designed in a way that will not allow him to just run wild, which is what people seem to think will happen. I hope he does a good job.

    And I love glow sticks, too!

  4. always love these posts! thanks for all the awesome links! can’t wait to see what the school looks like! such an awesome project idea!

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & excitements about future of the web. good post guys and thanks for your article this is simply awesome. thanks for your info!

  6. Thanks The video with Kris Bryant made me laugh – since I’m a Cardinals fan, I wouldn’t have recognized him but would have gotten a kick out of the adventure.