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1. We had a great Thanksgiving. Good food, lots of family time, football, and even snow! The boys loved playing outside. We are ready for winter.


2. I did some Black Friday shopping with Maxwell. We bought a saw and some flowers. It was a productive day.

3. This made me laugh. I could see our boys doing this.

4. The Chiefs game was exciting this week, they pulled out a win in OT. The Utes blew the end of their season, kind of a bummer.


5. I have been making waffles for the boys every Sunday morning. They always ask for whipped cream and strawberries, smart boys! Oh, and the KitchenAid Waffle Baker is hands down the best waffle maker.



1. Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? Ours was super laid back and I LOVED it! It was just the four of us so we kept things super simple. We watched a movie, played in the snow, and watched football. Oh, and the boys asked for cookies for dessert instead of pie. It was a pretty perfect day.

2. Gilmore Girls!!! Who has watched the new episodes on Netflix? I won’t spoil anything in case you haven’t watched yet, but hurry up so we can talk about it:) I liked the episodes for the most part, but some things are still bugging me. Obviously, the last four words and a few other things. I hope they do more episodes because I need more closure. I did enjoy the cameo appearances from some of the Parenthood cast members. Nicely done:)

3. It’s December and that means I only have 25 days to get my cookie baking done. I have already made my Soft Gingersnaps and my Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Cookies, two of our favorites, but I have a lot more baking to do. What are you baking this year? Check out our cookie recipes for ideas! I also have a few more new cookie recipes coming your way! And if you have any cookie questions, leave them in the comments. I am your gal!

4. Have you started your Christmas shopping? Make sure you check out our Holiday Gift Guide and Cookbook Gift Guide. And you can always check out our Shop for all of our favorite things.

5. I bought an Instant Pot on Black Friday. I am excited to try it out. Any recipe suggestions or requests? If I like it, I will start sharing some of the recipes on our blog.

6. These bars are so pretty! I have to make them.

7. I went to a craft class at Albion Fit this week and I made this wreath. I am not crafty at all, I can’t even sew on a button, so I was pretty impressed with myself. The best part? It smells like Christmas:)

8. I hate going to the mall, especially during the busy holiday season, but I needed some new winter clothes so I put in a Stitch Fix order. I filled out my profile and let my personal stylist know what I was looking for and they sent me a box filled with clothes. I kept a super cute dress, a cozy sweater, and a fun top. My stylist picked out some great options for me and I love that I didn’t have to fight the holiday crowds to go shopping. Oh, and did you know Stitch Fix now puts together fixes for men? I signed Josh up and he loved his fix too! Try it out! I can’t wait until my next fix!

9. I need these bars in my life.

10. I am excited about this planner.

11. I have been eating this soup all week for lunch. It’s nutritious and delicious. I have to balance out all of the cookies:)

12. This bread is stunning!

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  1. Still have not tried Stix Fix due to the little bit high price for me, but it’s super tempting. I wonder if they can accommodate maternity? I feel so frumpy right now. So many rave about it though, maybe it’s time to give it a while. I certainly do NOT pick flattering clothes for myself. 

    1. Yes, you can tell your stylist you are pregnant and request maternity clothes. You can also tell them the price range you want to spend on items.

  2. The Instant Pot makes the BEST cheesecake. They are small since you have to use a 5″ pan but truly the best I have ever made.

  3. The boys look like they really enjoyed the snow – I can see why the boys love the waffles – they are the best when you add whip cream and strawberries. YUM!
    Maria – how do you store your cookies to save for giving later? I want to make a bunch of cookies but they always seem to dry out. The Holiday and Cookbook gift guide are great! The wreath you made looks great!

    1. If I am baking a lot of cookies for gifts, a party, etc. I like to make all of the doughs on one day and chill them in the fridge and then bake the next day. That way all of the cookies are baked on the same day and will stay fresher longer. I store them in an airtight container on the counter.

  4. I just bought an Instant Pot, thanks to your posting of it last weekend! I am excited to try it and will look forward to any recipes that you share on your blog!

  5. A small laid back Thanksgiving sounds just lovely. The perfect way to ease into the insanity that will probably be December! Lol. Thanks for the bread loving. Miss you, friend! XOXO!

  6. I watched Gilmore Girls and wasn’t too impressed. I don’t know what I expected, but it was nice to see the Parenthood cast members. Yes, the ending made me believe that more episodes are coming. 

  7. hey y’all great list! We had a great Thanksgiving to ! Went to the neighbors! Lots of food and laughter but I am so ready for snow down here in Oklahoma!