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1. I took the boys on a road trip to Colorado last weekend. They were good little road trippers!

2. Losing taste.

3. The Warriors playoff game was awesome! They are so fun to watch. Hats off to the Jazz on a good season. I hope Hayward sticks around.

4. I turned the big 40 this week. I had fun celebrating with friends and family. I am ready for another great year!


1. I had a little dinner party and Sweet Tooth Fairy made this amazing raspberry lime cake. It was almost too pretty to eat:)

2. We went to the Warriors vs. Jazz playoff game on Monday night and had the BEST time. The Warriors are still going strong! Yahoo!

3. Make these for mom! And these too!

4. Learning this new self. So good!

5. I am SO excited about this book.

6. Love these tips for Insta stories.

7. Cute tee with a little ruffle!

8. Bring on the blueberries.

9. Three things that will save your life.

10. These shirts are so fun! I need them all.

11. Josh turned 40 this week and I surprised him with a getaway to San Diego. Follow our adventures on Instagram! And let us know if you have any recommendations.

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This and That

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  1. happy birthday to josh!! hope you guys have a fun getaway weekend!! xx

  2. Maybe the loss of taste is why so many of the people where I work, just seem to have no appetite for the food that smells really good to me. (I don’t ever eat the food. I don’t know if it tastes good or not.)  

    I bet the Colorado trip was fun.  Those are fun instastory tips.  I always forget that I need to add effects before I hit the arrow that sends it to instagram.  

    Hope you are having fun in San Diego.  I’d want to go to the zoo.

  3. hey y’all -great post! Happy belated Birthday Josh! I turn 40 next month! crazy how time flies!

  4. Happy 40th to Josh! Looks like the boys had a great road trip…..Glad you both enjoyed the basketball game

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