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San Diego Torrey Pines Trail

1. Maria surprised me with a trip to La Jolla for my 40th birthday. Unfortunately, Maria got sick, but I still had a great time. Here are some of my La Jolla suggestions.

  • Grande Colonial Hotel-nice hotel in La Jolla right by the ocean. I would stay here again.
  • Nine-Ten-restaurant located in the Grande Colonial Hotel. The food and service was awesome!
  • A.R. Valentien-restaurant located at Torrey Pines Lodge. We went for breakfast and had a great view of the golf course. Get the lemon ricotta pancakes.
  • Go hiking on the Torrey Pines trail down to the beach.
  • Bobboi Natural Gelato-the best gelato I have had in the United States. We met with Marco, the owner, and it was neat hearing about how he got started and his passion for gelato. He went to gelato university in Italy. So cool! I tried most of the flavors and they were all incredible. I want to go to gelato school now.
  • Puesto-order all of the tacos. You can’t go wrong!
  • Go kayaking with Everyday California in the La Jolla Cove. Get a wet suit though because it was cold.
  • Go see a movie at The Lot theatre. The coolest movie theatre I have ever been to. I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2…good movie.
  • Piatti-great Italian food. We have to recreate the bread dipping oil. It was so good. Order the grilled romaine salad and the spinach ricotta basil ravioli with lemon cream sauce.
  • The Cottage-great breakfast spot. Order the French toast.
  • Sugar and Scribe-awesome bakery with the best bread and homemade jam.

We hope to go back to San Diego soon so we can explore. No sickness allowed next time!

2. I want to take the boys on a few camping trips this summer. Any suggestions on where to go? Maria doesn’t camp, so it will just be a boys thing.

3. Yawning!

4. It snowed yesterday. Crazy! I hope our flowers survive.

4. Tomorrow is Caleb’s last baseball game. He has had a blast playing with his friends and we have enjoyed watching him play.


1. We went to San Diego last week, but unfortunately I got sick and had to stay in bed most of our trip. I was SO bummed. Luckily, Josh still had a good time. Check out his recommendations above. I can’t wait to go back!

2. Stripes for life!

3. Time blocking, have you tried it?

4. I just got this purse and it’s the cutest! I love the size.

5. I need a big slice.

6. We added a fun video to one of our favorite recipes!

7. This will be a summer staple.

8. I can’t wait to bake from this book. It is gorgeous!

9. Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James collection at Nordstrom is fabulous! I want this top and I want to watch Sweet Home Alabama now:)

10. What 2,000 calories looks like.

11. Bring on the green for breakfast.

12. Several of you have asked about the One Potato meal I made last night on Instagram stories. We LOVE One Potato! The meals are healthy, fresh, family friendly, and SO delicious. If you want to try them, use the code TWOPEAS25 for $25 off your first box. Enjoy!

13. I probably shouldn’t make these, but I am going to. I might share with the boys:)

14. What recipes do you want to see on our blog this summer? We are gearing up for some big kitchen days and would love your feedback. Leave your suggestions in the comments. Thanks friends!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I turn 40 in a handful of years. I hope you had a great time and Maria is feeling better?

  2. Sorry you were sick while you were in San Diego!! I figured something must have been up. Come back, stay healthy, and we can get together! 🙂

    All of Josh’s places are spot-on and he/you guys discovered some local gems!

    1. I am SO bummed I got sick and wasn’t able to meet up with you! We will have to come back for sure!

  3. Thanks for asking about summer recipe suggestions! I would love to see recipe’s that don’t heat up the kitchen, quick to make, and somewhat healthy.

  4. Sounds like Josh had a great culinary experience in La Jolla….sorry you were sick Maria. I can’t believe you got snow…we have been in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s all week and it’s already a bit much for me….lol…I definitely want to try the Mint Chocolate Chip Cake and the Greek Pasta Salad – thanks for the links. I would love to see recipes for “cold” side items this summer – more things like the pasta salad that are served cold, are healthy and maybe low calorie too if possible. Miss seeing a pic of the boys – as far as a summer camping trip…maybe Josh and the boys could hook up with the cousins and go somewhere as a group? Just a thought

    1. We will get a picture of the boys up next week:) That is a great idea to go with the cousins. They would have a blast!

  5. I LOVE yawning! I always cover my mouth because they make my face look gaping and weird, but I get bummed when a good yawn is aborted for some reason. Like, something makes me laugh instead, etc. Terrific article. I really want to go home and yawn at my doggy to see if she picks it up.

  6. hey y’all -great list! La Jolla looks and sounds so cool! Maria I hope your feeling better.

  7. Just have to say that I am SO IN LOVE with all of your recipes!!!  I discovered you on Instagram somehow a year back and have been cooking your recipes since – I think our tastebuds must be twins 🙂  It is easy to get overwhelmed going through tons of cookbooks, so it’s nice to have a go-to place for recipes that I know will be loved by my family and crowd pleasers when entertaining.  I love how your dishes are mostly healthy, but still interesting and fun!  And you have splurge-worthy recipes, too, which I think you always need a little of both when entertaining.  When I want dessert – I want DESSERT – not necessarily “healthy” desserts, so I love how you have delicious baking recipes to balance out the healthy meals.  I also love how your recipes aren’t TOO involved or have too many crazy ingredients, that I read through it and think, OMG how am I going to fit this in with my young kids running crazily around me??  I’m just so happy I found your blog and my sister and mom are now cooking from here, too.  I also love how you have your site organized – so easy to look up “brunch” when I am entertaining, or Easter, etc. recipes for holidays.  You’ve really helped me to become more well-rounded in the kitchen as well, learning how to make scones for the first time, new pasta dishes, etc.  I would love to see more dinner recipes this summer, as that’s the meal I struggle with fitting in the most – I need some new go-tos!  And of course, keep the sweets coming – always a crowd pleaser 🙂  Thanks again for your awesome blog and recipes!   

    1. Hi Andrea-Wow, thanks for the nice comment. I am SO glad you are enjoying our recipes. I am all for a good dessert too:) We will make sure we post some easy summer dinner recipes! Thanks for reading and cooking with us!

  8. I look forward to Thursdays every week because I get a new This and That!!! Love them!!!

    I would love to see more Bean and Veggies salad ideas(ingredient combinations and dressing ideas) and new takes for Caprese salads. I love to throw these salads in portioned size containers, grab from the fridge and throw in an insulated cooler to go to the pool with us. No heating or prepping required…just need a spoon or a fork! Any other ideas for prepping ahead to grab and go would be great as well.

    1. So glad you look forward to our Thursday posts! Thanks for the recipe suggestions. Caprese is my favorite!

  9. You could always camp in Moab, UT and take your boys to Arches National Park or Canyonlands National Park. The scenery at Arches is amazing and the the hiking trails range in difficulty. I think they may also have a junior ranger program as well.

  10. San Diego is beautiful.  I visited awhile back and would love to go again sometime.  Hope you are feeling better!