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1. We are in full summer mode. I love this time of year.

2. 40 Things that happened because of Star Wars.

3. We added 12 baby chickens to our family this week. The boys love taking care of them and are great little helpers. We have these breeds: Rhode Island Red, Americana, Welsummer, Mottled Java, Buff Orpington, Bard rock , and Delaware.

4. Brothers hug!

5. Caleb got some toy handcuffs at a birthday party and used them on Maria. They broke and we could not open them. Ha!! I had to break them so we could get them off of her. Classic!


1. For Memorial Day, we went on a hike and had a little picnic. It was a perfect day!

2. Obsessed with these sandals.

3. I am loving the new episodes of Bloodline and there was just a huge twist in the show. Whoa! I need to keep watching. Has anyone started House of Cards yet? We are waiting to start it because the NBA finals start tonight and our TV time will be dedicated to the Warriors:)

4. I wish I had one of these right now.

5. Have you been to any of these restaurants?

6. I can’t wait to make these cookies! They look just like my favorite cookies from NYC! This recipe could be dangerous:)

7. Today, I am leaving for 11 days and I am kind of freaking out. I have never left my boys for that long, I hope I survive. I know they are going to have a blast with Josh, but I am going to miss them like mad! I am going to Kansas City for Ali’s wedding, then to Pittsburgh to work on a special project with Jess…we will fill you in soon, we are SO excited, then to NYC, then to the Hamptons for a blogging retreat. Follow all of my travel adventures on Instagram!

8. I am taking this book and this book on my trip.

9. Give me the pan.

10. Lots of great advice here.

11. These look way better than store bought.

12. I made these for the boys so they can have a healthy treat while I am gone. I am taking a few on the plane:)

13. What are your favorite summer activities to do with the kiddos? You know, to keep them from saying, “I’m bored” all summer long:)

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This and That

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  1. Interesting advice list, but found it could apply to my boys as well. I am glad you posted it.
    Have fun on your trip and Skype is a great way to stay in touch with family. As always, I enjoy seeing pictures of your boys, such heartbreakers they will be!

  2. The boys are so cute and so loving! Good luck with the chickens! I can’t buy any more sandles…i just got 2 new pair and have yet to wear them. Good summer activities with kids:
    Children’s reading time at the library
    swimming lessons
    water parks
    Children’s museums
    Children’s activitues/classes through junior college in your area ( ours has a science camp that is 2 hours a day for 1 week)

  3. hey y’all – great list! Maria have fun on your travels! wish I was there! great pics of the boys. so cute and getting bigger

  4. I bought those same sandals at old navy for a fraction of the price. I do love them! The straps on mine are two different tones. 

  5. Love the picture with the mountains in the background. I want to be there right about now! It’s so flat and hot down here in Florida. 🙂
    I’ll take the Blackberry Pie Bars too!

  6. I’ve been watching Bloodline, it’s so good! Sadly I keep being exhausted and falling asleep and then spend the next evening trying to figure out what I actually watched lol