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1. There is never a dull moment with this kid!

2. I am back on my mountain bike and it feels awesome! Earlier this week, I rode Dry Creek Canyon and got my fastest time ever. I have been using the Strava app. Do any of you use it?

3. Best sunscreens for summer.

4. We are hosting the 4th of July breakfast for our neighborhood and I am stoked! We are making waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, bacon, and eggs. It’s going to be fun!

5. Congrats to Draymond Green for winning defensive player of the year. His suit was pretty sweet.

6. Yesterday, a neighborhood cat got one of our chickens. Maria was outside and tried to chase the cat away, but it was too fast. The boys were pretty upset. It’s a good thing we still have eleven chickens.


1. Are you excited for the 4th of July? If you need recipe ideas, check out our favorites here. I am for sure making this salad and these for dessert.

2. We need your feedback. For years, we’ve posted 3 recipes a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…with This and That on Thursday. What do you think about us posting recipes Monday and Thursday and moving This and That to Wednesday? Our schedules are crazy and we are finding 4 posts to be too much. Plus, we know everyone is busy and probably doesn’t have time to keep up with 4 posts a week. Friday would be an open day if we wanted to do an extra post. Please let us know your thoughts! Nothing is set yet, but we are feeling the need for a schedule change.

3. Love the sleeves on this tee.

4. This tart is too pretty to eat. Maybe.

5. 10 best food podcasts for a road trip.

6. Farmers market season makes me happy!

7. These are right up my alley.

8. You can never have too many tea towels.

9. Summer DON’T do list!

10. I could go for a pan of these.

11. Josh wants to go on a family camping trip. I have only camped once in my life and don’t have good memories. Do you think I can do it? I am scared. I am a hotel ALL the way kind of girl.

12. This PIE!

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  1. I liked to use Strava,  but find that it had made the 20 something’s somewhat reckless in my area. And case in point one mowed down a pedestrian ( who ended up dying from their injuries ), as he didn’t want to break to slow himself  down.   After that I gave it up, feeling it wasn’t worth it.  

  2. I enjoy all of your blog posts, but if it is getting too much for you, then do what works for you! I honestly don’t know how you keep up with everything given the fact that you are raising a young family. Give yourselves a break!

  3. Personally, I love your This and That on Thursdays; I look forward to reading them with my coffee each Thursday morning. This is completely selfish though, only because it falls in my morning routine of: Monday: check all my favourite bloggers, Tuesday: How Sweet Eats Tuesday Things, Wednesday: Ambitious Kitchen Wellness Wednesday post and The Healthy Maven’s weekly podcast release, Thursday: Two Peas and Their Pod, and Friday: check all blogs, most have a weekend favourites type post. BUT, although I don’t take well to change, I and your followers, will completely understand if a change is made on your end. You have a growing family and busy schedules – we understand!! You need to do what’s best for you and your family, and your lives at this time. Love following along all days, xx

  4. Cut back if you need to. I always enjoy your posts, but we all need to build margin into our lives, and your family needs to come first. Plus, burnout isn’t pretty. Take care of yourself!

  5. I think you will have a wonderful time camping with your boys. Kids love to camp, its fun, you’re out in nature and other campers are always nice. There are a lot of kids for them to play with. It’s just a great experience for them, not to mention wonderful memories.

  6. I love This & That, doesn’t matter what day . Camping, go! You’re gonna like it better this time, maybe not love but just being with your boys..

  7. You can totally do a family camping trip! Some of my most cherished memories of my daughters are from our family camping trips! Enjoy warching your boys explore nature and embracing the great big outdoors!

  8. This and That is my favorite post each week.mdoesnt matter to me which day it appears, just don’t drop it!

  9. Do what you need to do for yourselves! We will understand and if we didn’t would you want those types of readers anyways?

  10. As long as we have our this and that post, I’m fine with the revised schedule! As for camping,

    it is FUN!!! the kids will thoroughly enjoy it, and you will too, as long as you’ve prepared for it.
    We camped as a family for so many years, and I still think of them fondly.

  11. Longtime follower…..Love your recipes and This and That! Your boys are SO cute! Totally fine with any changes that need to be made.

  12. I love This & That and look forward to it. Do what’s best for you & your family. Your blog is greatly appreciated and thanks for so many wonderful recipes & posts.

  13. I love your recipes and make them. I LOVE This and That; however, do what is best for you and your family. Its summer – stop and see the sunshine. Pace your life so that you can manage what you need to do – your readers will still be there.

    1. We aren’t going anywhere, just might cut back a little. This and That will for sure be happening every week!

  14. hey y’all – great list! I totally agree with y’all about the schedule change. The food looks amazing Maria. And about the camping trip you can do it! The ladies from my church and I went camping last year and it was a lot of fun! We slept in tents and we had a lake real close to. They also had showers and bathrooms near by also (yay) It wasn’t exactly roughing it but it was so cool! We cooked hot dogs and s’mores yummy!

  15. Oh, I’m sorry about your chicken! You may know this already, but you can call Salt Lake County Animal Services and get a couple of cat traps for your yard. (Like big baskets, not bear trap things that clamp on the cat or anything awful.) I know that sounds harsh because it’s not the cat’s fault, he’s doing what he is made to do. But neighbors can’t let their pets rampage around wrecking other people’s stuff. I’m considering getting a trap for a neighbor cat that keeps pooing in our garden boxes and killing the doves that come into our yard to eat. We keep our cats inside the house so they don’t do those things and it’s frustrating to have some other cat come in and mess everything up.

  16. Moving this and that to Wednesday to cut back sounds like a great idea. Do what’s best for you. 

  17. i think you do what is best for YOU and your family! i always enjoy your recipes and your this and that posts – do them whenever you wish – i’ll still tune in!

  18. As a working mom of a busy young boy, I am fully behind you wanting to cut back a bit.  I LOVE your recipes and posts but will be completely fine with a bit less.  Life is short…enjoy!  And please go camping with your boys!!! As a Canadian, we totally believe that  many amazing times are had when you sleep in a tent.  So many memories to be had…and did you know you can make pizza when you camp??  Too delicious!

  19. I love This & That and don’t mind when it comes out – just don’t drop it.  I agree with you – I am a hotel girl, too.  Still, sometimes we need to compromise.  Camping can be fun as long as there are bathrooms nearby (at least that’s my kind of camping.  Happy Fourth of July!

  20. Do what you need to with your schedule! Love all your posts! And definitely go camping….I am a super hotel girl, but with our 2 kids I have enjoyed all the places we have been able to travel with a limited budget. Vacations when we get a hotel room now seem like a luxury!!  Share some camping recipes when you do go!

  21. Love the recipes(except I could do with less chocolate – as crazy as it sounds, I’m not much of a chocolate fan), but my favorite is This and That – Wednesday or Thursday is all the same  to me. The important thing is you open up some of your time for your family.

    I am not a camper now that I am older and wiser. I’ve done tent camping at campgrounds in my young adult years. It was ok. But as a youngster however, we did do family camp  (many eons ago) Family camp was not really roughing it. There were canvas cabins “tents” on wood platforms. You did have a communal bathroom/shower facility and there was a dining hall. There were family and just kid activities & excursions. I have fond memories and because my single mom was not a camper it was roughing it without really roughing it. Depends on the family camp you’re interested in I imagine, though . I think we went to a CAL affiliated family camp near Yosemite.

  22. We raised 5 boys and camping was our favorite outing. So many great memories! biking through the campground, making s’mores around the campfire, exploring, creating, etc. You will love it!

  23. Josh – I’m afraid your chickens are in for it now – if they have gotten big enough to attract a cat – they will attract larger predators – my sister had chickens and they kept loosing them to foxes even though they lived in a neighborhood – it was a sad situation all around.

    Maria – I think you should take a family camping trip – just make sure that the camping area has flush-able toilets, nice showers and electrical hookups. Also make sure that you have a nice air mattress to put under your sleeping bag:)

  24. I love your this and that post, it doesn’t matter to me what day you choose to post it. Do what is best for you and your family. And I would encourage you to give camping another try!

  25. If you need to change your schedule around it is ok with me.  I look forward to your recipes and enjoy This & That. 

  26. I think you will enjoy camping. The boys will love it…..campfires, marshmallows, sleeping bags. We camped for years and enjoyed it. I just wouldn’t camp where there weren’t flush toilets and showers.

  27. I always read your blog on Saturday, so if you need to cut back it would not change what I do. I think your content is exceptional and that is what matters. I try a lot of your recipes and really enjoy the links your include in This and That. Regarding camping, my Mom is a hotel girl too, so my Dad made sure we always had a nice RV. It’s the best of both worlds, plus there are places that sleeping in an RV is the safest way to go (i.e. parts of Yellowstone) and, with small kids, rain won’t ruin your trip. Sleeping in an RV is still camping. 

  28. My husband and I will be in the area mid July. We love mountain biking flowy singketrack.  We have our three-year-old pup with us, but I find conflicting information regarding dogs on trails. Park City claims to be dog-friendly with ads that show people hiking with an off-leash dog; yet, last summer we felt that most everything was off limits to dogs once we got there and inquired about trails. It was a huge disappointment. Ideally we like to bike  while our dog follows off leash and under voice command. I’ve read about odd and even days when dogs are allowed, but not the same days as mountain biking. Is this true?  Any suggestions?  If we have to hike so our dog can be unleashed, so be it. If you have any recommendations either way  (bike trails or hikes) not to be missed, I’d love to hear about them. In addition, we need an RV campground if you have any thoughts about that. Last year we stayed in Park City, but if you think SLC is a better fit for trails that allow dogs off leash, I’m open to suggestions. Thanks in advance! 

  29. I love your blog, This & That and recipes. Going down to 2 recipes + This & That would be totally fine. Sometimes I don’t have time to read your T&T when I receive it, but I love it whenever I get to it.