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1. Family movie night last week while Maria was away. So we ate popcorn in the bed! Shhh, don’t tell Maria. We watched this movie. We highly recommend it.

2. I often spend a significant amount of time looking at maps especially when I am planning a bike or hiking excursion where I have not been in the past. This is really cool. Technology has made maps so much more relatable.

3. We had the first snow of the season in the mountains. I’m getting excited for ski season.

4. Interesting.

5. Did you see me in our latest video? Yep, I’m a Utes fan…and this wasn’t just for the camera, this is my usual game day face.


SunRiver Resort, Oregon

1. Last weekend, I attended a blogging retreat at SunRiver Resort, organized by my dear friend, Sandy. We went bike riding, kayaking (it was my first time and I survived), were spoiled at the spa, ate lots of good food, enjoyed beautiful sunsets, and laughed harder than ever. Chef Travis from SunRiver Resort cooked us an amazing dinner at the gorgeous Caldera Springs house we were staying at. I am still dreaming of that meal:) I have been to Oregon several times and every time I fall in love. I can’t wait to go back to SunRiver with the boys. It is the perfect vacation spot!

Cheese Board for Parties! Perfect for easy entertaining!

2. Oh, and let’s talk about this epic cheese platter Sandy made. AMAZING! She is the hostess with the mostess! The tray is from here and I’m getting one! So fun for parties.

3. I’m ready for sweater weather.

4. Obviously, I need this book.

5. The perfect fall salad.

6. 20 Easy Things You Can Do to Improve Your Life.

7. I am intrigued and can’t wait to try these.

8. Keeping it real. Loved this post.

9. Making these today for the boys…and me:)

10. I pretty much want everything in H&M’s kitchen line right now.

11. We have a new video for this recipe! It’s perfect for easy weeknights or game day! And did you see our game day spread. So fun for parties and EASY too!

12. I am headed to Round Top, Texas tomorrow to speak at a workshop with The Vintage Round Top. Have any of you been to Round Top? If so, any recommendations? Follow along on Instagram!

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  1. Hi Maria, Quick question. When I clicked on the link for the link for the cheese platter that you featured in today’s
    This and That, it said it should not be used with food???????

    1. My friend Sandy lines the bottom with parchment paper and says it is just fine if you do that. I hope that helps!

  2. I LOVE maps! My husb is a big hiker and has maps of all kinds. His big road atlas pretty much lives on our kitchen table. There’s something about being able to see exactly where things are and what is coming up next that is endlessly fascinating. I adore being the navigator when we drive somewhere far away. Yay for maps!

  3. Can you tell me if the platter you have featured in the picture is the large one or the small one?  Such  great idea for entertaining!  Thanks!!

  4. I too would love to see where she got her inspiration/ingredients for the platter. I think I can make out most things. The colours are gorgeous.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Maria. I’m so glad you enjoyed your time here at Sunriver Resort, and so fun to have you into my home! Loved our kayaking, too! 🙂 xo

    1. Thanks again for everything! I had a wonderful time, I always do with you:) I can’t wait to bring the boys back. I will have to show them my mad kayaking skills! Love you! xo

  6. hey y’all- great list! Love the pic of the boys! Maria – Oregon sounds so pretty. I would love to go sometime! Have fun in Texas!