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1. Maxwell is having fun with fall.

2. Tomorrow is family movie night and the boys are stoked to watch this one.

3. Daylight savings week has been a doozy. I hope the boys adjust soon.

4. Interesting read about the Property Brothers.

5. Great sale on my favorite brand of dress shoes.


1. What are your favorite holiday traditions? We are always looking for new ones to start with our boys. Leave your favorite traditions in the comments!

2. Nordstrom is having a BIG fall sale. A few of my favorites include: jeans, tote, coat, booties, booties, and hoodie. Great deals!

3. New this week-fabulous fall salad and a MUST make soup! And we have a new video too!

4. I want it ALL!

5. We got our family pictures back and I am happy with them. It is always worth the effort after they are done:) Now, I need to pick which ones to use for our Christmas cards. Do you still send Christmas cards?

6. So much Joy! 🙂

7. Two great pies in one!

8. Do you have any strange habits?

9. Go for the glitter.

10. The most beautiful bread. SO making this!

11. Who needs a little black dress when you can have a little black sweater? And this one is under $20. And FYI-it comes in a ton of other colors too!

12. A great way to do breakfast.

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  1. Fall looks lovely with Max in the leaves…lol…Daylight Savings is always an adjustment that takes time for me too…hope you all enjoy the movie! Yes, we still send Christmas cards – it’s a nice tradition and my parents don’t do social media so it’s one way for them to keep in touch with family and friends that don’t live close.

  2. Maria,I  Iove when you post about your fashion finds but the downside is that I almost always end up checking out the links and spending money.
    I was so excited about the Hearth & Hand collection at Target but after receiving some items I ordered,  I am very so disappointed. The lamb’s ear wreath is very skimpy and cheap looking. I also ordered a white stone wear pitcher that is lovely to look at but not practical as it is very heavy empty so with liquid it could be quite unmanageable.
    Thanks for all your great recipes…I have enjoyed each one I have tried.

  3. Here’s are some of my holiday traditions:

    Watching “Christmas Vacation” while we put up the tree

    New pjs for my kids that they open on Xmas eve night (it’s the only gift they ever get on Xmas eve)

    My mom and sister and I exchange  new ornaments with each other so we always get nice unique new ornaments each year

    Going out to look at holidays lights while having some hot cocoa or other hot beverage

    My husband does an annual gingerbread house with the kids