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1. Alex Smith is going to Washington! Did any of you see him on the Dan Patrick show throwing the football at McLovin? It was great.

2. Who’s excited for the Super Bowl? Go Patriots! Need game day food ideas, go here.

3. I really want this jacket!

4. What’s the weirdest thing you ate as a kid? Loved the comments on this one.


1. I went to the Warriors vs. Jazz game this week with a friend and I was on cloud 9 the entire time! I was on the court when Steph was warming up and he was right in front of me. My hands were shaking so bad, I could barely take any photos, ha! It was the best night:)

2. Pretty in pink…and they are on sale!

3. New this week: Homemade BBQ Sauce AND Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken! Both are super easy!

4. To do list mistakes.

5. I am so into these.

6. Ok, what are you making for the big game on Sunday? We all know the food and commercials are the most important part. Well, and the Patriots because we are big fans:) I think we are doing chili (veggie for me), cornbread, chips/salsa, guacamole, and of course cookies. That menu might change because I always want to make too many things…like this dip too! See! Oh, and this is the ULTIMATE game day spread.

7. My favorite necklace would make a great gift for Valentine’s Day! These earrings too!

8. Diving into this book and I’m so excited.

9. Pass me the bowl and a bag of chips!

10. Fabulous flats.

11. Loving these little cakes!

12. Ultra violet. My 12 year old self is LOVING this. Side note-when I somehow convinced my dad to let me paint my room PURPLE when I was a kid. It was pretty awesome:)

13. Yep, I need this for lunch.

14. My birthday is on Monday, make sure you visit the blog because I made YOU a cake:)

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This and That

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  1. I haven’t decided on Super Bowl food yet, but Go Pats!! Its nice when people in other parts of the country are rooting for them, not just us New Englanders. That book looks like such a good one. I think I will have to put that on my books to read list. Plus I am loving that sign at the top of the post, it is So true.

  2. I live in the Boston suburbs so I am all in for an historic Patriots win. We have been beyond fortunate over the past 18 years and really do appreciate the Kraft organization and the many, many players and coaches who have contributed to that success. It is nice to know there are fans all over the country so…that said, GO PATS!!!

  3. Thanks for the post. Don’t care about Alex Smith and don’t care about the Patriots, sorry about that, ha! We wi!l be rooting for the Eag!es! Go gettem Eagles!

  4. Oh dear. I are a lot of weird things as a kid.  My favorite was a slice of white bread spread with sour cream topped with Salt and pepper.  
    Also being a good polish Italian girl , I loved eating sauerkraut out of the can, cold or a big bowl of pasta sauce no noodles needed. 
    I hateD PBJ, or bologna sandwiches like normal kids.   It was the 60’s/70’s lol 

  5. My favorite thing was vanilla ice cream mixed with coke; I’m French and I can assure you that it was a very exotic thing to drink 🙂 My little one loves tomato paste directly from the tube…like Deb, no noodles needed.

  6. thank you for so much game day inspiration, and for all of these, love the homemade sauces, especially if you want to control or limit how much sugar to add, pre-happy birthday too!