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1. It snowed! We haven’t gotten much snow this year so we were really excited to have a snow day. I took the boys sledding and it was a blast. Caleb loved getting air and crashing! Ha!

2. Maxwell was fine sitting on the sidelines after a few runs.

2. We also went skiing at Sundance. Caleb is getting so good and I am so proud of Maxwell for riding up the chair lift and skiing down with his instructor. He was so tired by the end, but he did it!

3. A conversation with boys:  Caleb said, “Dad what do you call bad breath?” and Maxwell yelled (before I could answer), “Flatulence!” Ha!! Boys!

4. Would you use something like this?

5. Interesting article about kids.


1. We went skiing at Sundance over the long weekend and it was a beautiful and fun family day! It was nice to take a break from cookbook recipe testing. The boys are little ski bums, they take after their daddy! I am better off in the lodge…ha!

2. We ate lunch at the Foundry Grill and the food was excellent. The tempura fried artichokes were insane and you can never go wrong with sweet potato fries! Don’t worry, I had a salad too…and we shared a blackberry galette for dessert. If you ever have the chance to ski and eat at Sundance, do it!

3. On the blog this week, an easy weeknight pasta and cookies!

4. Love this dress and it’s under $35.

5. Is anyone still watching Nashville or is it just me? The new Juliette is driving me crazy!! And have you seen the previews for Good Girls? I love Mae Whitman so I am excited for it.

6. Yes to this!

7. Pantry perfection! And I just love her!

8. This could be dangerous.

9. On sale and it comes in lots of colors!

10. I am in NYC for a few days, send me all of your favorite spots! Follow along on Instagram!

11. On an airplane, are you an aisle or window seat kind of person? I know there aren’t any middle seat people out there, that is the worst. I have to have an aisle seat because I am a little claustrophobic and I hate feeling trapped.

12. A sweatshirt that you can wear out and about!

13. SO gorgeous!

14. Yep, need this shirt.


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  1. I agree, Mandy Moore’s pantry is fabulous. BUT who needs 33 rolls of paper towels & why would you waste pantry space displaying them? Your boys are such great little snowbunnies.

  2. I am still watching Nashville and Juliette is pushing my buttons, but Brad is worse!

    I would love to find some vegan recipes. My daughter is Vegan, my son is Kosher and I have found the Vegan recipes work for them, my other carnivore son, and me watching my diabetes. I have a crazy obsession with Vegan scones!!!

  3. Airplane seat preferences could be a personality indicator! For me, I generally fly Southwest… and I am generally boarding when only middle seats remain! I prefer aisle seats. Window seats make me think I’m going to fall out of the plane. And the ultimate seat is the exit row with the extra leg room!

    Have fun in New York!

  4. Oh my, I’m going to have to stop reading your blog, it’s costing me $$ LOL
    I bought the sheets and I love them! And I bought a shirt as well!!
    Thanks for doing the leg work!

  5. Great article on kids!  I totally agree with everything the author said. I also feel the constant stimuli has made fundamental issues like potty training harder. I don’t have children, but most of my friends are having issues potty training. Their kids are 3-5 years old and they are always getting what they want or using a tablet. They just can’t focus or feel any interest in using the potty! It’s a weird day and age we live in.