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1. Caleb collecting eggs! We are going to color some for Easter. It will be interesting how these eggs turn out since they aren’t white.

2. We got a new vacuum because our old one broke and I am pretty stoked about it. It works on our hardwood floors, carpet, and it’s cordless.

3. The boys are on spring break. We don’t have big plans, any fun suggestions? Has anyone seen the Peter Rabbit movie? Thinking about taking them to that.

4. We watched this movie last week and it was good.

5. The Utes are playing in the NIT championship game tonight. GO UTES! How are your March Madness brackets looking?


1. I had a great time in Austin, I always do, it is one of my favorite cities! The weather was perfect and I got my taco fix. Veracruz Au Natural are my favorite tacos in Austin. SO good!

2. New on the blog this week, amazing biscuits and a simple side dish that I can’t get enough of!

3. Is anyone else in spring cleaning mode? I want to to tackle our pantry, it has gotten out of control. I am thinking about ordering some of these for cereal, these bins, this for spices, this for cans, and some baskets.

4. YES to this article about eating right!

5. What are you making for Easter? Do you do Easter brunch or dinner, or both? We are still figuring out our menu. For brunch, probably egg casserole and sweet rolls! And I don’t know about dinner, for sure my favorite asparagus, Josh’s famous scalloped potatoes, and the cutest nests for dessert! Need more Easter inspiration, check out our recipes here.

6. I hosted a dinner with some girlfriends this week, so much better than going out! It was a fun night! And these candles are so good!

7. Two new cookbooks I am loving this week, one and two!

8. That glaze!

9. The perfect bag for spring and summer. I love this one too!

10. Save this recipe for all of your leftover hard boiled Easter eggs! It’s the best!

11. I want to eat this right now.

12. The cutest jacket.

13. The correct order. I need to develop a better skin care routine! If you have any products you love, let me know!

14. Kind of into these shoes! You know for when I actually get out of my workout clothes:)

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  1. I liked the format of that Grubstreet article but did not agree at all with its assertion that organic is “unquestionably” better for you than conventionally grown or raised. There are some arguments for and against for sure and that line being so untrue made me question the validity of the whole thing. That plus reading that tofu is good for you BECAUSE it usually replaces meat….their agenda is showing. I took my two boys (4 and 5) to see Peter Rabbit and was so disappointed. My 4 yo who loves movies and action (this movie has lots of action) was so restless and even at one point got up and wanted to leave because he was bored.  Just recently found your site and really enjoying your recipes! 

    1. We are glad you found us! And thanks for the heads up about Peter Rabbit, maybe we will wait for Red Box:)

  2. Instead of buying those 3 containers for so much money, why not buy a case (6) of Ball half gallon jars. They hold a regular box of cereal and they are cheaper. On Fresh Preserving now they are under 12.00 for the case.

  3. I loved this article! ” YES to this article about eating right!” It was fun and also informative! I also want to try making home made biscuits – not Bisquick like I tend to make. This happened after going to Magnolia Table and eating their strawberry butter. Really? I DON’T EVEN LIKE BUTTER! But this – heaven! I love your blog btw!

  4. Have you tried any Herbivore Botanicals products?. I’ve been changing all my make up and skincare to cleaner products. I’ve been reading a ton and researching g different brands. 
    This facial oil is amazing:
    And this cream is great:
     This company makes clean, great products as well. I love the Serum and facial scrub:

  5. Love you and your blog. Will you be doing a post about your Austin trip? I used to love that you wrote all about your trips after you came home. I miss them. I do follow you on instragram but it’s not the same. Thank you 

    1. Thanks so much! I am glad you liked the travel posts. I am not doing one this time because I was mostly at a conference and didn’t get to explore as much as I wanted to. I will try to do more travel posts in the future.

  6. You should look into using Tupperware for your pantry organization!! Not only is it a lifetime guarantee, the products will keep your food fresh & organized!! Let me know if you’d like more information, I’d be happy to help advise on which products your pantry needs!!

    Can’t wait to hear how the eggs turned out, I always wonder if brown eggs will dye as well!! Hope you had a great Easter!

  7. I really liked the Yes article. It has some great information! I also bought the sheets you recommended and I love them! Probably buying another set! Thanks for all the great suggestions!

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