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1. We like to do Pizza Friday at our house! What are your favorite toppings? The boys are simple, pepperoni and sausage!

2. The future of food. Ha!

3. We went to this really cool trampoline park with the boys. They had a blast jumping and flipping!

4. I was never a fan, but I guess some people love them.

5. The boys are really into tennis right now. We have been practicing at the park every night. Caleb is also starting soccer on Saturday. We are glad spring is here so we can play outside.


1. Our chickens are laying eggs like crazy, we can’t keep up! I think we need to make this, the boys love it!

2. New this week, my new favorite quick and easy meal and the BEST Mexican rice you can make at home.

3. I went to the Jazz vs. Warriors game this week and it was a pretty epic night. I saw Curry and Durant, which is always fun, BUT I met Donovan Mitchell, who I am currently obsessed with. He is amazing and so fun to watch! I also got to have dinner with Nathan Chen, the 2018 world champion figure skater! He is so great. So yeah, it was a fun night! And now the NBA playoffs are starting! YAY! And for the record, Donovan should be the rookie of the year:)

4. Dreamy little pies.

5. A great addition to any spring wardrobe. This one too!

6. I want an airstream now.

7. My friend has these sandals and they are super and she says they are the most comfortable shoes. I might have to splurge on them!

8. Swimsuit shopping, ugh, I know, not fun, but all of these are super cute and flattering!

9. Pretty little plates for summer.

10. I am going to Detroit for the weekend. Any suggestions? I’ve never been! I will be doing mostly work stuff, but I hope to have some free time to explore a little. Oh, and next week we are headed to San Fransisco, one of my favorite cities. I plan on going to my favorite places, but any new spots I need to visit?

11. This looks so comfortable.

12. My kind of tacos!

13. TV is kind of blah right now for me. I need a new show. I am watching Rise and it’s good, but I need something I can binge watch while I am working. Any suggestions?

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  1. Native Detroiter here!

    The Detroit Institue of Arts is a fantastic place and right near it is a wonderful cafe, Chartreuse.

    If the boys are with you, I’d recommend eating at both American and Lafayette Coney Islands (they’re brothers in competition and while it sounds like the same product, everyone has a favorite!). Also, if you have the boys, check out The Robot Garage.  It’s a little east of downtown but my cousins always talk about it (my understanding is it’s  a fun place to explore engineering on a pint size level) 

    Oh, and, if the weather is nice- you should definitely check out Belle Isle.

    Have a wonderful trip! 

  2. Maria, thank you so much for the link love! And can I just say that I loooove that pic of you and Donovan so much. I think he deserves rookie of the year too. He’s been such a game-changer for the Jazz.
    xo Laura

    1. Of course:) Oh man, I am obsessed with Donovan! He is amazing and such a nice guy! I am still pinching myself..ha!

  3. We just love the show (Here & Now) on HBO  we binged watched most of it..Big Little Lies on Netflix amazing…

    1. I will look into Here & Now! Thanks! I loved Big Little Lies and so glad it is coming back!

  4. Detroit has the best Middle Eastern/miditerranean food! I’m from there and definitely try out La Marsa. They have several locations around Detroit. Also, Buddy’s Pizza (detroit style pizza) is pretty great too! 

  5. In San Francisco, I would suggest Plow! My daughter likes to go there whenever she comes to town. I have been once. I had their Chinese Breakfast bowl – it was great! It does have meat in it however. Plow is small and there can be long waits, but we found it was worth it.

    1. Also you might want to check out some of the mosaic steps. There are others, but this one is really impressive: 16th & Moraga

  6. If you haven’t watched it, Designated Survivor is awesome. You really have to go back to the very first episode in the first season. It is a great series and keeps getting better.

  7. re: EGGS
    wow, they are beautiful. lucky you!
    we loved your egg casserole, but don’t forget:
    macarons and creme brulee!! two great ways to use up those beauties…. ;0)

  8. If you’ve got amazon prime video there are some great finds.  I have been bingeing on Mozart in the Jungle (amazing music) and Elementary.  The Good Wife and then The Good Fight are great too if you haven’t seen them. 

  9. This Louisville Cardinal Girl loves Donovan Mitchell, too! We were so sad to see him go, but he was a star here and we all knew he’d be a star in the NBA, too! Cards fans also love the fact that Donovan is playing for the Jazz, which is the same team another Louisville Great, Darryl Griffith, played for!

  10. I loved imposters on netfix.. such a fast show it got me hooked immediately. The second season just started. If you havent watched grace and frankie it is such a fun show to binge watch too!

  11. First time poster here–proud native Detroiter (now stuck elsewhere!!)

    What brings you to Detroit? Have to echo Buddy’s Pizza. Since “Detroit” encompasses a wide range of places–I have a few geographic locations to focus on. Downtown has a terrific Greektown with a number of great greek restaurants. The Renaissance Center and Hart Plaza are fun (RenCen now GM world HQ) but weather forecast doesn’t look promising.

    Also have to echo the terrific Middle Eastern food choices throughout Detroit. If you have to time to get to Ann Arbor, that’s a treat. Zingerman’s is world famous for deli, but there is a beautiful campus (U-Mich) to see, the Big House, and Cottage Inn Pizza. Royal Oak near Detroit is fun with lots of hipster dining and stores. Birmingham is another fun place. I hope that’s not overwhelming. Finally–Dearborn has world famous Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum (again, depends why you are going…is it a family fun visit? Work? ) Finally–check out this place Gets raves

  12. I’m pretty obsessed with most of the Netflix original series. Grace and Frankie is funny. Seven Seconds just came out (drama) — really good. Ozarks was really good too. Really I haven’t watched a Netflix original that I haven’t liked!

  13. You guys HAVE to put your boys to bed and binge on Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. SO funny!! I always knew Drew Barrymore was awesome but this sealed the deal! My husband and finished two seasons in one week. Watch it!!

  14. downtown Detroit…. restaurant Traffic Jam and Snug. Amazing food and was also featured on food network diners drive-ins and dives. Buddy’s Pizza is a must! Several locations in metro Detroit.