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1. Caleb had a successful spring soccer season! It was fun watching him run all over the field with his friends.

2. Good movie.

3. What do you eat when you travel?

4. Pocket polo.


1. New this week, two salads you will make over and over again this summer. Don’t miss this one and this one.

2. The perfect summer dress.

3. Thanks for all of your skin care tips last week. I got my first chemical peel on Tuesday. It burned a little at first, but not too bad. I hope it helps! I am still not sure what to do with my daily skin care routine, I am still researching.

4. I want this for dinner.

5. Big Nordstrom sale going on. Some favorites include: sandals, booties, wedges, skirt, shirt, jeanstea towels, pretty plates.

6. What is your all-time favorite cookie? Just curious. Is there a cookie you want me to create?

7. Cool summer sneakers. Would go great with this t-shirt dress. I love the casual and comfortable look!

8. I am obsessed with this red, white, and blue snack board! It is one of our exclusive recipes for our Sweet Peas Meals members. If you aren’t a member, you can still sign up! Every week you get meal plans and shopping lists, plus lots of extras, like entertaining guides, breakfast and lunch ideas, fun challenges, and more! Oh, and you can join our private Facebook group that is so fun and supportive! Come join us!

9. I am excited for Molly.

10. Love or hate?

11. The cutest summer bag.

12. What would be on your every day list?

13. The Warriors are making me a little nervous. I hope tonight’s game is a good one!

14. Love the sleeves.

15. Any fun plans for Memorial Day weekend? We have some yard projects to do and we are having friends over for dinner. Have a good one!

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  2. My all time favorite cookie is chocolate chip with Mexican Wedding Cakes a close second! I also just attempted to make a caramel chip cookie with pecans, it was pretty good but could have been better!

  3. While you are researching new skincare options, I highly suggest you also look into the ingredients IN the products. Many products in the US contain ingredients that are harmful to human health and banned in Canada or the US. I recommend using the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep app (or to see how safe a product is. Everything is rated from EWG Verified (best of the best), then 1-10 (10 being toxic). From there you can make the best decision for you. Beautycounter (the company I am affiliated with), True Botanicals, and Juice Beauty are some safer Brands to explore.

    1. My Dermo told me that one reason they started using other ingredients besides natural ones is some people have sensitivities to “all natural” products and ingredients! I happen to be one of them. I wish I could use only natural products but unfortunately products like cerave work best for my skin. My point is what’s “natural” is not always best for everyone. Skin care is not a one size fits all.  Drunk elephant is the only natural skin care line I’ve had good luck with.  They truly use natural ingredients that are not proven to cause irritation. Good luck! 

  4. Maria, You asked about our favorite cookies. My favorite is a linzer tart. I would love for you to create a simple ish recipe:) No, I haven’t made these. They look difficult. But, I can’t find them where I live. Enjoy reading your blog!!