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By Maria Lichty

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1. Maxwell kicked off summer by running through the sprinklers.

2. Can you catch up on sleep?

3. Flaxseed has many health benefits but there is a health risk for some. I recently learned I am allergic to flaxseed. Because of the popularity of adding flax to everything I have had four flax interactions since December with every reaction getting worse. Read here on some symptoms of flax allergies.

4. I went for an early morning bike ride with some friends. Great way to start the day.

5. I built some garden boxes for our yard and Caleb was a good little helper.


1. New this week: berry-licious bagels and the perfect summer salad.

2. What is on your summer reading list? I want to read this one and this one.

3. So fun!

4. What is your favorite self tanner? Do you use self tanners? I never have, but I am thinking about trying it out. I have heard this one is good.

5. Love these leggings and joggers, and they are both on sale!

6. We introduced Caleb to the movie Goonies this week because it was on TV. Such a classic!

7. My kind of donut. Tomorrow is National Donut Day, are you going to celebrate?

8. Josh has our garden boxes built and I love them. What should we plant? We are kind of late to the game. I for sure want a lot of herbs, especially basil so I can make pesto all summer long.

9. YES to this salad!

10. THESE!

11. It’s not my birthday, but I want this cake.

12. You all know I am on cloud nine because the Warriors are in the NBA finals. Game 1 is tonight and I am ready to cheer them on to the championship.

13. I am headed back to San Francisco on Monday for another event with Pinterest. If you have any new recommendations for me, leave a comment! Thanks!

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  1. Beautiful garden boxes! I’m a mediocre gardener myself, but I still love trying out different things in my boxes every year. If you’re interested in herbs, chives, sage and oregano overwinter just fine here in Salt Lake. Mine come back every year and the sage is actually blooming for the first time this year. So don’t tear them up in the fall. Oh, chard, too. I have a red chard that is on it’s third summer. Have fun!

  2. Thanks for the note on flax seed. My mom is allergic to it, too. Love reading “this and that” every week.

  3. Lemon thyme is so delicious in chicken salad and tuna salad, and probably other things too.  I always recommend it.  Purple beans are fun too; they turn green when you cook them.  My boys loved them when they were little.

  4. hey y’all- great list! Love the pics of the boys! The Goonies movie is so good. and I want that cake for my birthday next friday! yummy-

  5. As far as the flax seed allergy, I had a good friend suddenly become allergic to mustard and psyllium – had to go to the emergency room a couple of times. Mustard is one of those ingredients that is in a lot of things; so a bit tricky to avoid. The psyllium was easier to deal with. The good news is after several years, she tried mustard again and there was no reaction. Definitely weird, but I tell you this because you may find the same to be true after a while.

  6. My two yo great niece hates getting her face wet. But my niece took her to a water park where there was water spraying from the pavement & she happily played for an hour! Kids are a hoot. Yours are especially cute.