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1. The boys wanted buzz cuts for the summer so I took them out on the patio and buzzed off all of their hair. Looking good!

2. A site dedicated to dad jokes.

3. We went to the farmers market and got lots of herbs and tomatoes for our garden boxes.

4. 4 things every child needs before breakfast.

5. This little dude learned how to ride a pedal bike this week and he got it on the first try. We started him on a strider bike and that made the transition so easy.


1. New this week, the perfect summer meal and the perfect summer banana bread! YAY!

2. Obsessed with the new flavors, especially this one and this one.

3. Favorite summer sandals.

4. Today is our 10 year anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Every day with Josh is an adventure. I am grateful for all he does for our family, he really is the best husband, father, and friend! I am looking forward to many more years with my favorite person.

5. A fun summer dessert. The kids will love this one!

6. The Warriors are back to back champions and that makes us very happy! The only downfall, basketball season is over. We have no sports to watch. Sure, there is baseball, but I really don’t get into baseball until playoff time. I guess I better find a new show. Any suggestions?

7. Father’s Day is on Sunday. Do you have any special plans? If you need a few gift ideas here are a few of Josh’s favorite things: the best grill ever, watch, sandals, shorts, basic t, sunglasses, and airpods.

8. And if you need ideas for your Father’s Day menu, Josh requested these for dinner and these for dessert!

9. Have you tried this mascara? A few of my friends are raving about it. I think I will try it!

10. So skin update, I think the chemical peel helped a little, but my face is still not happy. My new goals are to drink more water, stress less, and eat less sugar. It has been a stressful year and I am thinking that is the main cause of it all. I also am going to try to cut back on my sweets, I said cut back not cut out. I will never stop eating cookies completely, because I want to love my life:) BUT I am going to be careful on what sweets I am eating and how often. I hope it helps! So tell me, what are your favorite low sugar or sugar free snacks? I am still going to be eating fruit/natural sugars, just cutting back on desserts/treats.

11. Keep cool with this hat. This one too, and it’s on sale!

12. We got a great start on our summer bucket list over the past week. I think we need to slow down. I am going to run out of steam. The boys are GO, GO, GO! Maybe I will add summer naps to the list:)

`13. If you need a few cherry recipes for cherry season, try this one and this one! My favorites!

14. So fun!

15. Has anyone seen Oceans 8? Let me know if it is worth going to the theatre!


I’m Maria and my husband is Josh. We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. We love sitting around the table with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family! Our kitchen is always open!
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  1. Hi Maria!
    I’ve been following your  blog/website for awhile now and I love it. I love your recipes and your This and That section is always fun to check out on Thursdays 🙂 Sorry your stressful year is taking a toll on your skin- it seems like once you leave your 20’s your skin changes :/ I can relate! My sister is a representative for LimeLife by Alcone- I encourage you to check it out- it’s amazing all natural products and their makeup is used by Hollywood makeup artists. Her website is 

  2. Look forward to you email each week, just loaded with lovely things and recipes.  You are so special.  I know you must be over the top busy.  Hope you find some downtime to help with stress relief.  Your boys are darling and love keeping up with them.

  3. Hi Maria!  I am struggling through the same skin problems and have definitely noticed improvement when I cut back on sugar.  I also love Paula’s Choice 2% BHA exfoliant if you have not tried it.  It really helps with exfoliating without irritating.  Good luck!

  4. My husband also requested oatmeal cookies. Must be something about men and oatmeal–Reminds them of their Mothers, perhaps ? My husband also requested chicken and dumplings, but it is too insanely hot right now for that, so he’ll have to wait for those 🙂

  5. Ooh, I spy chives, basil and a tomato vine! What else did you get for your garden?

    And I’m always trying different mascaras, too, Maria. I like the lengthening ones best because the volumizing ones feel like cement going on. Let us know what you think!

  6. hey y’all- Great list! Happy Anniversary. I want to see Oceans 8 I think it would be good. Love the boys haircuts! so cool!

  7. Hi Maria,
    I need help with my sweet tooth too, and have found the Bare Baked Crunchy Fuji apple or banana slices really good. Plus, if you shop at Costco they sell the big bags of them!

  8. I love the boy’s haircuts! I’m going to see Oceans 8 on Saturday and have heard from friends that it is pretty good. I belong to a movie club and we saw Book Club last month. I liked that one also. Reverie on NBC is pretty good if you don’t mind fantasy and a little science fiction. I got hooked on it.

  9. banana nice cream!!….seriousslyyy the. best…..and no refined sugar! cut up an overripe banana and freeze it, then blend it up until smoooooth and creamy….and add yummy extras!! i love it with natural peanut butter (just peanuts) and dutch -processed cocoa…or with cacao nibs…or just vanilla…or mint and cacao nibs…soooo many flavour combos and alll refined sugar free and delicious 🙂

  10. Okay so I’ve been seeing the rave reviews of that mascara too so I bought some.  I thought it was terrible. The primer made my lashes feel sticky and they did seem to stick together rather and separate. It made me wonder why everyone seemed to love it so much. 

  11. I recently had a skin issue (i’m in my 30’s two small kids) and saw a dermatologist. They said it could be bacteria and put me on a low dose antibiotic. While reducing sugar and stress is always a good idea it might not fix your skin – it didn’t fix mine. I took the low dose antibiotic for 2 months and my skin is back to normal. If that doesn’t work look into spironlactone – I have many girlfriends on it for hormonal acne and their skin glows! Good Luck!

  12. I have tried the L’oreal Mascara but like No. 7 Stay Perfect mascara even better.  It has the same tube concept but in one step instead of two with the L’oreal.

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