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1. We hiked Sunset Peak this week and the boys hiked the whole thing. It was almost 6 miles and almost an 11,000 feet peak. They are troopers!

2. Don’t take a photo. I guess I blew it on our hike, ha!

3. I am building a pergola and a pizza oven in our backyard. Maria shared some videos on Instagram stories and a lot of you asked for the pergola plans and some even asked me to start a DIY blog. I think we are good with one blog for now, but if you guys ever have project questions or requests maybe I can share some things here.

4. I know you guys are loving the chocolate zucchini bread and it’s good, all of Maria’s breads are, but my favorite is the lemon. Make sure you show the lemon some love too! And if your garden is anything like ours, you can probably bake them both and some regular zucchini bread. Our zucchini plant is producing like crazy this year.

5. I saw Ant-Man and the Wasp, it was good. If you liked the first one, you will probably like the second.


1. New this week, an epic chocolate cake with a secret ingredient and the perfect pasta salad for summertime!

2. Finally reading this book and loving it so far.

3. A good basic dress to have in your closet.

4. Can’t wait to add this cookbook to my collection.

5. Joy of missing out.

6. White done right.

7. Excited about this!

8. Easy as pie!

9. I am in trouble because I always pack a ton of snacks.

10. Casual and cute summer dress!

11. Let’s talk about high waisted jeans. Are you a fan? I haven’t found any I like. If you have a pair/brand you love, let me know. I ordered these and I hope they work.

12. Pizza for dessert.

13. We haven’t been watching much TV this summer, but I did watch Set It Up, a movie on Netflix. I liked it.

14. Making these today, one of my very favorites! Pro tip-put them in the freezer, they are SO good frozen!

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  1. #2 I have that book on my list to buy.
    I didn’t know what to get next.
    I think you helped me make up my mind.

  2. 11 -Jeans, for me, are like shoes for most people. I own way too many and try on at least two pair when I go shopping. I’ve always worn low or mid rise but found a pair of Citizen high rise on sale at Anthro. I love them! So now I’m a fan.
    I have a cookie sheet question for you – I’ve always used flat sheet pans for my cookies versus traditional pans (with sides). The cookies never burn with my flat pans but I feel like they spread more. What do you think? Have you used both before?


  3. My local airport has been checking snacks since this spring. I have gotten to where I put them all in a gallon Ziploc to easily take them out and put them in the bin.

  4. Ugh, no, I’m not going to have an easy time of it when everything changes to high waist pants. I have a round bum, short legs and a narrow waist, so it’s hard enough already to find jeans that fit correctly. The high waist ones I’ve tried on were uncomfortable and felt like I was being strangled, even though they were strangely floppy around the top. I’d love an update when you get your pair and see what you think.

  5. The high-waisted jeans from American Eagle are actually pretty legit, especially the jeggings. I’ve been wearing high waisted jeans/shorts/leggings for a while now and when I put on the regular versions I feel so exposed, lol.

  6. I won’t wear high waisted jeans…they just don’t work for my body type and they have looked horrible on everyone that I’ve seen with them. I’ll have to add that book to my list. I like the ruffle sleeve dress. Amazing the boys were able to hike 6 miles…bet they slept great that night!

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