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1. Deer Valley got some good snow this week. I am stoked for ski season!

2. I agree!

3. Maria’s dad was visiting this past week and we drove up to Idaho to the farm he grew up on. It’s such a cool old farm. The boys had a blast and didn’t want to leave the cowboy life..ha!

4. I want to see First Man this weekend. It looks good.


1. New this week, an easy sheet pan dinner and a new cookie recipe you will LOVE!

2. I was at the Soulstice Retreat at the Montage Deer Valley this week and had the BEST time. I taught a charcuterie board class and we built some pretty epic boards. I also took some great fitness classes, floral arranging, and met some pretty incredible people. It is always one of my favorite events of the year. And I have gotten a lot of questions on Instagram if I will be teaching more classes. I would love to, I love meeting you all, I just have to figure out where and when! Let me know if you would be interested in this sort of thing!

3. Bring on the cozy!

4. I can’t wait to cook from this book.

5. We are starting to work on Thanksgiving recipes so if you have any requests let us know! Or if you have any family favorite recipes, we love hearing what recipes YOU make!

6. Can’t wait to make this!

7. I am behind on my TV shows because I was at Soulstice this week and I had to finish my book for book club tonight. It was really good, just kind of sad. Do you guys belong to a book club? Any book club favorites?

8. A few of my friends raved about this, so I bought it and I am in love. It’s really easy to use!

9. School lunches in different countries. Makes the USA look pretty sad!

10. Leopard is in for fall and I love these flats and this scarf.

11. How amazing do these look?

12. Looooove!

13. I am going to Ithaca, New York on Sunday. Any suggestions for me? I have never been!

Maria Lichty

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  1. We were just in Ithaca NY last weekend. Check out Red’s Place on Aurora Street. Their food is AMAZING! Have fun, it’s a cool little town!

  2. Hi Maria! You might like to check out the following link for Ithaca: Also, Corning is about forty miles south and is home to the Glass Museum. They offer glass making demo’s every day, all day. I’ve never been, but I hear it’s amazing!! Here’s a link for that:

    I look forward to “This and That” every week as well as all of your amazing recipes. Thank you for all that you do.

  3. Hi Maria
    I just looked up the summer solstice retreat online but it’s not giving me a lot of information because I think it just happened. Would it be possible for you to give me an estimate on how much we can cost? It looks wonderful.
    Or who I can talk to about it?  Thanks!

  4. I go to school in Ithaca, you should check out Sweet Melissa’s Ice Cream and the State Diner, both are so good! I hope you have a great time. (:

  5. Since your vegetarian I’d love lots of veggie related recipes! Always looking for some “main dish” worthy veggie based dishes for the holidays.

  6. I would love Thanksgiving recipes that don’t require an oven on Thanksgiving Day. We have one oven, and it works overtime with turkey and casseroles. Some stove top or crockpot recipes (or even no-cook recipes) would be awesome to deal with limited oven space.

  7. My family just barely agreed on a simple Christmas this year for the same reason the article was talking about. It gets too overwhelming to even remember everything you got, who gave what, etc. We’re going to get some fun things for the little kids, but everyone else is getting stuff like hand lotion, a fun box of tea, a $5 DVD from the Wal Mart bin, etc. It’s shockingly easy to go over the line and suddenly it’s all too much.

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