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1. If you are a fan of Les Miserable and The Lord of the Rings here is a version of I Dreamed a Dream that made me laugh.

2. Caleb is walking all over the place and the unfortunate thing is that he recently learned how to open the front door. He opens the door and yells, bye, bye! We have to keep a close eye on the little stinker.

3. Maria got me new boots for the snow. Caleb likes them too. What a guy!

4. I am excited Alex Smith will be playing for Andy Reid next season. The Lichty family will now be cheering for Kansas City. Go Chiefs!


1. We took a few weeks off from “This and That” because we’ve had too much of “this and that” going on:) We are happy to be back today!


2. I recently spoke at Build Your Blog Conference. I was on a food blogging panel and spoke about writing our e-cookbook, Cookie Cravings. I enjoyed meeting so many bloggers in person and had fun talking “blog shop.”

3. Waffle French Toast-love this idea!

4. I love sprinkles and always use them to decorate cakes because they always hide my frosting mistakes. I love this idea to use cookie cutters to make sprinkle numbers and shapes!


5. Caleb turned 17 months old yesterday! How did that happen? We love him more and more every day!

6. Deb from Smitten Kitchen came to Salt Lake City for a book signing this week. It was so fun meeting her! She is just lovely and her book is amazing! You all need a copy!


7. This is a mini shake???? Hmmm……

8. Did you watch the Oscars? We laid on the couch for hours watching and I fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence. She is adorable. Love this video-clip of her post Oscar interview. And my best dressed pick goes to Halle Berry. Stunning! And now we have a lot of movies to watch. We are so behind this year!

9. Think Spring with this simple tulip centerpiece.

10. A few months ago I was looking for a new show to watch and a few people suggested One Tree Hill. I started watching it, but wasn’t that into it. I kept watching because I needed something to keep me going on the elliptical. After making fun of my show choice, Josh looked up One Tree Hill online and told me there are NINE seasons. I just finished the 4th season and I can’t quit now, but 5 more seasons? What have I gotten myself into?

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  1. Josh – Glad you will be following our KC Chiefs this season. We are also excited that Andy Reid and Alex Smith are joining our team this year. Just hope that excitement stays all season!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe little man can open the front door. Kaylin is always reaching for the door knobs and it totally freaks me out! Glad the blogging conference went well!

  3. Can Caleb actually walk in your shoes Maria? ๐Ÿ˜‰ He’s so cute! And that milkshake…holy moly!

  4. Wow, Caleb is getting so big! I am so excited for the spring, and I love how simple that tulip centerpiece is!! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Although you won’t need it for a long while, I started watching Lost on the treadmill this year! It definitely keeps me coming back. 6 seasons….120 episodes. I’m in season 2.

  6. We keep the front door locked but not long ago our son learned to unlock it :). We got one of those flip locks for the front door like you see on hotel doors, and it’s been a huge help.

  7. Love the tulip centerpiece. Did you know that putting a few pennies in the bottom of the vase will keep the tulips from drooping.

    Also enjoy the Caleb pic – too cute.

  8. Aloha! My son also learned to open the front door at an early age. This freaked us out because we were so close to a very busy street. We had used the childproof doorknob covers. They worked great. Only problem was that my grandmother and mother-in-law couldn’t figure out how to get out of the house on their own.

  9. Caleb is just so stinkin cute I can’t take it! Enjoy every minute. My baby is turning 6! and I am amazed at how time flew. Try Downtown Abbey if your not watching already. I totally look forward to working out now! Love the tulips! Thanks for a wonderful blog!

  10. ICEBERG! We used to split the bubblegum shake as kids and then fight over who got the most pieces of gum. Makes me want to gag now. I’d much rather go for blueberry or cookie dough.

    Also, thanks so much for showing us that cookie cutter sprinkle trick! I never would have thought of such a thing but will try it out for sure next time I frost something.

  11. Loved meeting you at BYBC! Glad I finally got to.
    As for the Jennifer Lawrence interview, we watched it last night and I so super love her even more now. My favorite is the face she makes at 1:26. I’ve been lol-ing at it.

  12. Thank you so much for featuring my sprinkles idea!! As one of my favorite food bloggers, it truly meant a lot to be recognized and given a shout out. Thank you!

    p.s. My sister and I are over the moon for the banana ice cream. We just can’t get over how amazing it is.

  13. I could see how it’d be tough to get into One Tree Hill when they’re so young and we’re trying to relate to a bunch of high school kids…but trust me…it’s so good!! The later seasons are MUCH better, and much more relatable! Keep pluggin’ along with it!