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1. Caleb is playing indoor soccer and loving it. It is fun watching all of the kids run around. I love that both teams cheer for each other.

2. We are still not adjusted to daylight savings time. The boys have been getting up at 5 a.m. every morning. Makes for a long day!

3. Increasing tipping.

4. Do you make special breakfasts on the weekends? I love making breakfast for the boys. Two of their favorites, this one and this one.

5. What do you think about this?

6. Great for the colder temps.


1. New this week, my new favorite side dish and the BEST pie for the holidays!

2. I need this fluffy sweater. This one too!

3. Salad perfection!

4. Who’s watching A Million Little Things? I am officially hooked. The only problem? We only get one episode a week. I want to binge watch!

5. Books for the kiddos!

6. Cozy, cozy!

7. My sweet and salty dreams just came true!

8. I am working on some holiday gift guides for the blog, would it be most helpful to post them around Black Friday or wait until December? And if you have any good gift ideas, leave a comment and maybe I will add in some of your favorites. I am always looking for new ideas!

9. Cute booties and a great price!

10. New on Netflix this month. I wonder how House of Cards will play out. Not sure I want to watch, but I am sure I will.

11. I might wear this every day.

12. Go to black leggings.

13. Soooooo soft!

14. Chocolate decadence!

15. Perfect plaid.

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  1. I am new to your website and, frankly, confused. I am interested in getting the recipes for the two salads pictured, but I cannot find the recipes or links to them anywhere in your email. Am I missing something? I’m here for the recipes and cooking, not the links to shopping sites.

  2. Remember this when looking at your holiday shopping list:
    Gift #1 something they want.
    Gift #2 something they need
    Gift #3 something to read
    Gift# 4 something to wear
    Gift # 4 something to share

  3. Thanks for the fashion suggestions…just spent close to $100 in a flash!
    You always seem to have great links for good, trendy finds. I  look forward to Thursdays and your suggestions.

  4. I am totally hooked on a Million Little Things. Same here, one episode a week. It’s because it’s a new show. That salad look divine!!!!

  5. Watch House of Cards….Claire takes up just where Frank left off. She might be even more sinister thank him!!  Always love your suggestions!!

  6. Love “A Million Little Things” too!
    I HIGHLY recommend the documentary Stink! on that NETFLIX list you posted. Super powerful.
    Loving those seamed leggings!
    Can’t wait to try that Brussels Sprout & Avocado recipe!
    This year I’m gifting lots of safer products to family, book club, teachers etc. The holiday sets are so gorgeous and I like knowing that I am gifting something that is healthy, beautiful and high performing:

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