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1. Winter is my favorite season.

2. Such an awesome game!

3. The boys are in the let’s act silly in every photo dad wants to take of us. I am ok with it!

4. Is anyone on the celery juice train? I kind of want to try it for my eczema, but only if it works.


1. New this week, one of our favorite healthy breakfasts and the perfect soup for the new year! And if you are craving chocolate, make these. They are healthy-ish!

2. I am seriously in love with this hair dryer. It is SO much easier than using a hair dryer AND round brush and it gives my hair tons of volume.

3. I cut into THREE avocados the other night and they were all black and rotten. The WORST! 🙁

4. Love everything about this salad.

5. 70 ways to style leggings. My kind of style! And now I want a pair of these.

6. I bought more of these because the new year and the price is so good! I really like them and so do most people, check out the reviews!

7. Become a better listener.

8. Fun idea for a party!

9. On my reading list!

10. I love all of their products and this one is new. I am going to try it. And I am loving this product!

11. A fun way to add leopard into your wardrobe. They are on sale too!

12. I want to go on a trip! Are you traveling anywhere fun this year? Any suggestions?

13. So many of you have messaged me about this smoothie! I am glad you are loving it!

14. Soft and slouchy!

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This and That

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  1. Hi. Josh mentioned eczema. I have tried everything for over 20 years and just this year I found something that works for me. It’s called Skin Gel. I get it at our local coop but I see it’s at Amazon too as Aloe Life, but I just searched skin gel at their site. Of course, everyone is different. I really enjoy your emails and recipes. Thanks so much to all of you.

    1. My husband and youngest daughter have sensitive skin and they seem to have eczema all winter long. Thanks for suggesting the product above. I will buy it and them use it. It seems like they’re allergic to many lotions and creams so I hope this works for them.

  2. I really like your site and look forward to the “This and That” each Thursday. I have a request and that is for you to put a link to the top of your This and That at the top of the email notification. I like to start at the top on the website but now I need to click the link at the bottom and it forwards me again to the bottom on the web. Then I have to scroll up to start at the beginning. I’d rather just click in the email and see the top of you article immediately. I’m lazy, I guess but as a former Systems Administrator, what I suggested feels more logical to me.

  3. I have the same one step revlon blow dryer and I can also attest to the fact that it is amazing!! I tell everyone about it. 😀

  4. We are going to San Antonio in late February to see our daughter graduate from Air Force basic training. Can’t wait to see her!