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1. We were just listening to Stevie Nicks and Maria said she doesn’t like her voice. I about fell over. Who thinks that!? Sheesh! She is one of my favorite female vocalists. This would have been a deal breaker if this was shared before we were married. Lucky for me it wasn’t.

2. I saw a few people posting this video on Facebook. It is pretty funny.


3. We let Caleb play outside while I was doing some yard clean up. It was his first time and I can’t wait to continue playing outside. He got a little muddy, but boys will be boys.



1. Last Saturday, I taught a food photography and styling workshop with Heidi from Foodie Crush. Fun times and of course there were cookies involved.


2. On Saturday, we also had a photo shoot in Park City with Anthology Destination. We worked with Aaron Snow, who is an amazing photographer from Oklahoma City. I don’t usually like being on the other side of the camera, but luckily Caleb stole the show! And Aaron was so fun to work with! We will share more from our photo shoot soon! And the Park City home is GORGEOUS! I was ready to move in!

3. Spicy Sweet Potato Fries with Avocado Dip-get dipping!

4. How are you adjusting to Daylight Savings? I am liking the extra light for food photos and Caleb sleeps in an extra hour so I get a few more things crossed off of my to do list before he wakes up. Winning!


5. We welcomed a new member to our family this week! I think he’s going to fit in just fine! And don’t forget, YOU can enter to win a Green Apple KitchenAid Mixer! Good luck!

6. Fun news! We are now writing for Check out our first post-Coconut Dark Chocolate Popcorn! You don’t want to miss this recipe.


7. We’ve been enjoying the sunshine this week. I hope it is here to stay. I am ready for spring…and so is Caleb. He loves swinging and sliding at the park! We also busted out his BOB stroller for a few runs!

8. I’m loving my new workout clothes from Albion Fit. I love them so much that I even worked out twice on Tuesday. I went to my workout class and went for a run. I could barley walk on Wednesday, but spring is here and it’s time to get back in shape. I am done hibernating!

8. I hope a leprechaun brings us this Mint Chocolate Chip Cake to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!


9. We walk up to the store almost every day. Yes, we get groceries, but sometimes we walk just to get Caleb out of the house. He loves looking around the store. And sometimes we let him play with toys. It’s perfect, he can play for awhile and then we put them back:) This week we walked out of the store to this gorgeous view!

10. Loving everything about this lasagna!


11. Baked potato, cottage cheese, and salsa. Tell me you like this combo. Josh thinks I am Crrrrrazy!

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  1. Stevie Nicks visited my husband (and many others) when he was in Bethesda Naval Hospital and gave him an iPod. Voice or not, I kind of have to love her!!

  2. Little man is getting so big! Its a blast to bring them outside. If you guys haven’t done it yet, buy bubbles. Kaylin is obsessed. I need to post a video soon. I have to keep the bubble container hidden or she will stand in the house yelling bubbles bubbles. I want that mixer!

  3. LOVE Stevie Nicks….going to see her in concert in April and am SO excited! Cute family photo! πŸ™‚

  4. I often eat cottage cheese with marinara sauce and spaghetti squash. Cottage cheese is the new ricotta cheese!

  5. I have heard cottage cheese is wonderful on a baked potato but have not gotten around to trying it. I will have to soon!

  6. I am not a Stevie Nicks fan either!! People always think I’m crazy, but I just discovered my sister doesn’t like her either. I think there must be a whole underground society of us πŸ™‚

    That view is incredible!! And congrats on your Wayfair gig… going to check it out now! I love that site πŸ™‚

  7. I LOVE that you eat baked potatoes w/cottage cheese and salsa! I thought I was the only person that loved that and everyone always thinks I am so crazy. πŸ™‚

  8. That potato…I haven’t ever had it that way, but I’m pretty sure it might be my new favorite food.

  9. I gotta side with Josh… LOVE Stevie Nicks! Caleb is getting so big… adorable! I need to check out those workout clothes!

  10. I’m sorry, Maria, but Caleb could not be any cuter!!! What a little doll!! Love his haircut! Coconut and chocolate two of my favorite combos. Thanks for the post!

  11. The house from the photo shoot looks exactly like the house I stayed in at Park City last week! When will all the pics be up?

  12. I love cottage cheese on baked potatoes! I also love cooked cauliflower and broccoli on baked potatoes with a bit of cheese melted on top! Yum! I have never tried the salsa on it but I definitely will now. Love your website and recipes!

  13. Awwww, too cute! And I’m so excited for your new member of the family. That green is just gorgeous!

  14. Ha, I thought we were the only ones who walked to the store to let our 2 year old run around and also play with the toys and put them back.

  15. You truly live in such a beautiful area of the country. One of these days I’m going to check it out!

  16. I don’t often have time to read cooking blogs, usually just check out the receipes for some ideas, but always stop for yours since I adore the pictures of Caleb you occasionally post. He is the cutest. My grandson, Chris, is now 17 and I so miss him at that age.

    You don’t like Stevie Nicks’ voice? I adore her voice and style, so smoky and hip.

  17. I wish I had read this post before I went to the market. Just *have* to get some potatoes. Your lasagna sounds yummy!

  18. I love the cottage cheese, salsa combo on baked potato or cauliflower or rice. I also like to add a good sprinkle of garlic powder to it. Try it you might like it!

  19. I love love love your blog, but I have to say- as someone who works in retail, we HATE when parents let their kids play with the toys and then put them back!! Not that Caleb specifically does this, but they usually end up getting dropped, broken, dirty, spit on, chewed on, or the area is left a mess…and none of them get purchased! We end up having to defect a LOT because we can’t sell them after. Please keep this in mind!!

  20. Well, Josh, I’m afraid I’ll have to try the cottage cheese and salsa thing, too — it looks wonderful to me! But even though I wouldn’t eat the bacon in your frittata, the frittata looks great and I think that both you and Maria are great creative cooks!