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  • We attended Stonyfield’s Play Free event in Salt Lake and the boys had a blast. They both wanted to be Spiderman for the day. If you haven’t heard about Stonyfield’s Play Free program, check it out, it’s awesome!
  • Is this a real thing?
  • Looking forward to Season 3.
  • Awesome story!
  • I feel bad for Boogie Cousins, that is a tough injury. Hoping the Warriors can get it together tonight.


  • Maxwell loves the rain, but I am over it. I want some sun. I really hope April showers bring May flowers and sunshine.
  • I bought a bag of the Cadbury Shimmer Eggs and I have to say I prefer the traditional pastel eggs. They taste the same, but the shimmer eggs just aren’t the same for me. I mean, I still managed to polish off most of the bag, but I will stick to the classic pastel colors from now on:)
  • I want every flavor.
  • What are you making for Easter? I still need to finalize our menu. For brunch, the boys requested our favorite French toast and for dinner I know I will be making this, this, and our go to Easter dessert.
  • 40% off sale! A few things I have my eye on: this top, this lightweight sweater, this shirt, this swimsuit, sunglasses, and I am stocking up on these.
  • It’s egg salad season thanks to all of those Easter eggs. Make my favorite egg salad recipe or the classic! Both are tasty!
  • Love this classy dress!

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  1. I feel bad for Cousins too! Poor guy can’t catch a break. Hope he can recover well.

    That carrot cake looks almost too pretty to eat!

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