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  • I’ve been spending a lot of time in the yard, getting things ready for summer. The projects never end.
  • Old school parenting.
  • The NBA playoffs have been so awesome. The Warriors knock out the Rockets, Portland wins in game 7, and Kawhi Leonard’s game winning shot.
  • The boys are begging for buzz cuts for the summer. I am all for it, we just need to convince Maria.
  • Saturday is Traeger Day and I will be participating. The Traeger makes everything taste better.


  • New this week, the most amazing salad and one of my all-time favorite cookies! You need to try them BOTH!
  • Yesterday was National Chocolate Chip Day, I don’t know who makes up these holidays but I was happy to celebrate this one. If you want to celebrate a day late, here are a few of my favorite chocolate chip recipes: cookies, banana bread, scones, and cookie bars. Enjoy!
  • The boys planted the garden for Mother’s Day and they went all out. They planted tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, herbs, a few varieties of squash, blackberries, and raspberries. I can’t wait to watch the garden grow.
  • A cute summer sundress!
  • TV Talk-I finally watched last week’s episode of Grey’s and whoa! I can’t wait for tonight’s episode! And is anyone watching Jane the Virgin? I am happy with Jane’s decision, I just hope it works out. And the rest of my TV time has been devoted to the NBA playoffs. Go Warriors!
  • Do you guys have any recipe requests for this summer? Don’t be shy, leave a comment and let us know!
  • The best restaurant in America. I want to go!
  • Stripes for summer!
  • I love sparkling water and I am currently sipping on Bubly. They have so many good flavors and I love the packaging. A few favorites include: watermelon, peach, mango, and blackberry.
  • I need a piece ASAP!
  • Great casual tee.
  • I am in LA right now for work. It is a quick trip, but I hope to find some good food at some point! I always love trying new spots when I travel.
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  1. No! Jane picked the wrong guy! Rafael is self-centered, but Michael has always wanted the best for Jane. I hope there’s another twist at the end. The announcer always said Michael would love Jane until his last breath. They are meant to be together! Seriously, I know this isn’t real. It’s just a show…

    1. I’m a Jane fan here too. I’m torn between wanting her to get with Michael or Rafael, but I think I want Rafael a tad more. Maybe she can just marry them both 😉

    2. Ha! Love this comment:) I go back and forth between them both. Michael just seems so different now, there isn’t that spark. Maybe things will change!

  2. What was the new cookie you tried this week. Didn’t get that recipe. It’s noted about the Greek salad which was outstanding but I don’t see the cookie recipe you refer to

  3. My husband is a huge sparking water fan. He said you might want to try LaCroix. He favors it over Bubly – especially the lemon and lime.

    1. I wish we had the ability to edit our replies!! I meant sparKling not sparking . Silly me!

  4. Re you wanting to go to Zahav (voted best restaurant), you should definitely go. I went in January and it was outstanding. We ordered the lamb shoulder ahead of time (it’s not on the menu, but you can request it with your reservation) and it was better than expected. I’d also recommend the “Chef’s Choice” which is a series of smaller plates, which come before the lamb shoulder. I dream of making a series of dishes that were as tasty. In fact, you should do a whole food tour to Philly – there’s a ton of great food places there.

  5. Lately, I’ve been on the lookout for camping recipes and great potluck recipes. Please consider posting on these topics.

  6. I would love some protein heavy vegetarian entrees for summer. When we grill in the summer it is easy to make meat for my family, but I always end up eating grilled veggies or pasta salad. :-(. Would love some new options that are summer friendly, vegetarian and lots of protein. Thanks!

  7. Oh, I second Sarah D.’s request for vegetarian recipes for barbecues! I would love to have a few new options. Thanks!